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An Ode To Ireland | Part One


Wedding Images by BrosnanPhotographic

Well this time last year; David, myself and 29 additional AWESOME people were in Ireland soaking up the Guinness and getting ready to celebrate our wedding.  David and I had a destination wedding in Ireland and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I can’t believe that I got married in Ireland a year ago and even more than a year has passed and I never blogged about it.  I think after 3 years of planning once it was over…it was over….haha.  But I wanted to share the awesome places we saw, the fun we had and the best 8 days of my life.  I thought since we are embarking on our one year anniversary now would be the best time to share.  It is Ireland week here on the blog, I wish I was there right now but I’ll take a photo review to “tiddy tide” me over.  Aye….

We often get asked about planning our Ireland Destination Wedding.  David and I planned every details of the trip.  There are lots of tours we could have just signed the group up for but we knew that we wanted something completely custom for our guests.  We planned each day completely so we could get the most of their trip to Ireland.  We even had reservations at each place we ate.  We knew the restaurants were small there and showing up with 31 people to eat every night could become problematic.  David is a big foodie so this was his main task, his selections were perfection!  We chartered a bus or coach as the Irish call it and set out on our journey.  I think the key to our success is that we were highly organized, every guest knew all of the details and our great pal Google.  We really put a lot of time into organizing this trip and many Sundays were spent on the couch searching Ireland.  We took it one day at a time and planned from breakfast to pub crawl.  😉  For our wedding day I did not want to take any chance so we hired a SUPER FABULOUS WEDDING PLANNER, Annie Byrne.  She was the best money I could have spent and so wonderful to work with.  I am so thankful for all of her help.  It pays to have a wedding planner, especially for a Ireland destination wedding.  They already know all of the vendors, have way more experience with planning and really put you in the right direction.  On the day of the wedding she was like my guardian wedding angel.  More about Annie in Friday’s post. 😉

The Irish are just as you imagine – very friendly, take their time and know how to party!  The country is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen.  Everything is so green, so natural and the air felt good there which is funny to say but the best way I could describe it.  So much is untouched and just God’s beautiful nature.  It is a dream to visit and we are so blessed to have traveled there.

We spent 8 days in Ireland, our trip started in Dublin, headed to Cork then ended in Galway where we married on the last day of the trip.  Getting married in Galway was a dream, cobblestone streets, a quaint little chapel and a perfect restaurant/pub.  Since I cannot fit all of these beautiful images into one post I will be posting a little a day.  Enjoy the view.

Tuesday – Dubin, our coach and whiskey!

Wednesday – Cork, Cliffs of Moher, Aran Islands & Galway

Thursday – My wedding projects

Friday – Wedding!!!

Let’s get this review started!


The streets of Dublin are filled with character…. AppletiniPhotography_2430 AppletiniPhotography_2431 AppletiniPhotography_2432

Mom & Dad, David & I got there a day early to finalize a couple details before our group arrived.   AppletiniPhotography_2433

A major detail that we took care of was welcome bags!  I got these from Wedding Chicks and they were a hit among our guest.  We found a grocery store in Dublin and picked up all the Irish junk food we could find.  They were perfect for late night post pub crawl snacks!   AppletiniPhotography_2434 AppletiniPhotography_2435

Then we started drinking 😉 AppletiniPhotography_2436 AppletiniPhotography_2437 AppletiniPhotography_2438

Dublin had some of the most interesting street performers I had ever seen, great selection… AppletiniPhotography_2439  AppletiniPhotography_2441

I loved this one!  Stick your head in the leprechaun hole for two euro…yes please!


Flowers EVERYWHERE….Ireland had some of the most beautiful plants I had ever seen.   AppletiniPhotography_2443  AppletiniPhotography_2444

Oh my goodness this night was a blast.  My sister Holly knew of this bar from her pervious visit to Oreland and it is crazy.  There are so many rooms and floors and music and beer and dancing and Irish lads and odd bachelorette parties and PURE Irish fun! AppletiniPhotography_2445

Yup….even got to ride this iron horse! AppletiniPhotography_2446 AppletiniPhotography_2447 AppletiniPhotography_2448 AppletiniPhotography_2449

The next day we toured the sites of Dublin, below is Trinity College.   AppletiniPhotography_2450 AppletiniPhotography_2451 AppletiniPhotography_2452

Dublin is full of historical statues, this one is Molly Malone…she’s even got her own song!  {{Who was with me the night the guy sang it to us outside of that hotel in Cork?}} AppletiniPhotography_2453

When in Dublin you MUST go see Guinness.  it’s Dublin! AppletiniPhotography_2454 AppletiniPhotography_2455 AppletiniPhotography_2456 AppletiniPhotography_2457 AppletiniPhotography_2458 AppletiniPhotography_2459

The best part about the Guinness tour was the view from the top.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  A free pint and a priceless view! AppletiniPhotography_2460

As I mentioned above we rented a coach.  It was a big bus full of cool kids.  I could not even sit one of my favorite memories of the trip is walking up and down the aisles laughing and joking!  AppletiniPhotography_2461

At one point I just walked down the bus and took a snap of each person in sight… AppletiniPhotography_2462

Fisheye Selfies!! I don’t even think they were called selfies yet 😉AppletiniPhotography_2463


Then we arrived at Jameson and it was one heck of a tour.  The Jameson Factory outside of Cork was AWESOME.  Everyone on the trip had a blast here.  The tour started with the best soup of our lives, continued through this picturesque factory that was beauty overload then ended with shots of whisky…we LOVED it!!

AppletiniPhotography_2465 AppletiniPhotography_2466 AppletiniPhotography_2467 AppletiniPhotography_2468

Even the plants were ready for a close-up.  If you are close to Cork on your visit to Ireland, Jameson is the place to visit! AppletiniPhotography_2469 AppletiniPhotography_2470 AppletiniPhotography_2471

Look at Ricky-T modeling for Appletini!  hahahahaha he picked the wrong career…. AppletiniPhotography_2472 AppletiniPhotography_2473 AppletiniPhotography_2474 AppletiniPhotography_2475 AppletiniPhotography_2476 AppletiniPhotography_2477 AppletiniPhotography_2478 AppletiniPhotography_2479

Then the tasting began…. AppletiniPhotography_2480 AppletiniPhotography_2481 AppletiniPhotography_2482







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