An Ode to Ireland | Part Tree

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An Ode to Ireland | Part Tree

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Are you thinking “Uh oh, someone better tell Tiff she spelled three wrong”  well friends our group quickly picked up that three in Ireland is actually pronounced tree.  And boy is it fun to say things tree times in your best Irish accent.  Like when someone wanted to stay in room Tree-thirty-tree or our check was thirty-tree dollars and thirty tree cents.  Tidy-Tie….something about those T’s in Ireland were so fricken funny.  Gosh the number three brought so many laughs!!

I wanted to give the Aran Islands it’s very own post.  This was a place that will always hold a spot in my heart, it was breathtaking.  Just such a special place where I felt like I was exactly where I was suppose to be at the exact right time with the exact right people.  I prayed a lot on this day for some reason maybe because of all the beauty I couldn’t help but want to be grateful for all that I am given.  I have talked about this before by at the top of the Aran Islands is where my heart decided to take a big risk to take my business full time. “She believed she could so she did” that quote rang through my ears over and over again as we biked around that island.  At the time I had no idea the how, when, where or why but I left that island 100% confident knowing it was my destiny.

The Aran Islands are magical, there is really no better way to describe it.  It is untouched land, life is simple and people are kind.  We rented bike and crusied the island, I feel like we stopped every tree feet to take pictures…hahaha…we couldn’t help it….this place was just crazy beautiful.

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We took a boat from Galway to the Aran Island and you arrive at this adorable little port… AppletiniPhotography_2520

I love this image 😉   AppletiniPhotography_2521

Some of us took bikes, some just walked, Mom & dad took a horse & trap… AppletiniPhotography_2522

I think we were on our bikes for tree minutes before we came across this chicken…we all had to get some pictures… AppletiniPhotography_2523 AppletiniPhotography_2524 AppletiniPhotography_2525 AppletiniPhotography_2526 AppletiniPhotography_2527 AppletiniPhotography_2528 AppletiniPhotography_2529

Oh hey you tree down there…. AppletiniPhotography_2530 AppletiniPhotography_2531   AppletiniPhotography_2533 AppletiniPhotography_2534 AppletiniPhotography_2535

Me and my sisters!!!  I love this image of the tree us! AppletiniPhotography_2536 AppletiniPhotography_2537 AppletiniPhotography_2538

After a long bike ride they told us if we park our bikes and climb this big hill it would be worth it.  Oh man was it worth it!!! AppletiniPhotography_2539 AppletiniPhotography_2540

The view from the top… AppletiniPhotography_2541 AppletiniPhotography_2542

“She believed she could so she did” AppletiniPhotography_2543 AppletiniPhotography_2544 AppletiniPhotography_2545 AppletiniPhotography_2546

On the boat ride back some people took naps… AppletiniPhotography_2547

And some people took in the amazing view!!!! AppletiniPhotography_2548 AppletiniPhotography_2549 AppletiniPhotography_2550






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