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Friday Randomness: Jasmine Star and Joey McIntyre

By | March 8th, 2012|Blog, My Life, Photography Adventures, Studio Happenings|

Today is the day!  OMG!! I am so nervous and giddy I feel like I'm going to see New Kids on the Block...I'm ready to rock out some bangs and a side ponytail.  I wonder if Joey McIntyre is still cute? Anyway TODAY I am going to theFix in New York City.  I have been following [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

By | February 14th, 2012|Blog, My Life|

Happy Valentine's Day All.  I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating all the love that surrounds your life.  I am truly blessed with lots of love from family, friends and the best guy ever!  I love you so much David and can't wait to be your wifey.  Thank you for making my life complete!

Boats on the Gulf

By | August 1st, 2011|Blog, Landscape Photography, Vacation 2011|

We stayed across the street from the dock and I shot these boats all week long.  Boats are just like houses they are all unique and have their own character.  Always making you wonder where they've been and where they're going.   

Sunrise over the Gulf

By | August 1st, 2011|Blog, Landscape Photography, Vacation 2011|

If there was one thing I wanted to do on vacation it was to see the sunrise....and the sun didn't disappoint.  We were up at 5am out on the dock with the fisherman ready for the sun.  It was magnificent to see the sky change over and over again in an hour.  From dark and [...]

Doors, Balconies & Details

By | July 26th, 2011|Blog, Vacation 2011|

Oh how I loved all the details of the streets.  Each street in New Orleans is FULL of character.  From rod iron fences to balconies decked in beads to doors that make you wonder where they lead I couldn't help but fall in love with the beauty the city holds.  When you look around you [...]

A visit to Coca-Cola

By | May 29th, 2011|Blog, Vacation 2011|

So I mentioned in my last post that I went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania....well I graduated in 2004 with a degree in marketing.  I love marketing and most people don't realized how much we are surround by it.  I love to analyze marketing messages and try to decide who the company is trying to [...]

Where you been?

By | May 7th, 2011|Blog, Vacation 2011|

Well blog friends, I've been on vacation and it was amazing!  3500 miles, 4600 images, and at least 6 batches of boiled peanuts.  Dave and I drove to Atlanta to visit with friends and then down to the Gulf Coast for some relaxing time on the beach and then over to New Orleans for some [...]

Victory Brewery

By | April 10th, 2011|Blog, Photography Adventures|

Few weeks back Dave and I went to Victory Brewery right outside of West Chester.  Dave loves beer so much that he started a blog titled "How Many Beers Can Dave Drink".  On his blog he rates different beers and gives his recommendations.  It's a fun hobby and I love getting to "sip" a wide [...]