You Are My Sunshine | First Birthday Party

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You Are My Sunshine | First Birthday Party

Welp!  She did it.  Bug went and turned one on me!

As much as I wasn’t ready for it, I knew we had to celebrate.  And we did!  Last weekend we had a You Are My Sunshine First Birthday Party.

I had a hard time choosing the theme for this one.  Monster’s first birthday theme didn’t seem as difficult to pick. I’m not sure why it was so tough this time around.  So I thought about it.  Themes that were in the running were Sesame Street (which my girlfriend used so good thing I didn’t go the Elmo route.) UNO (yes, the card game), and for about a day we were having a Love Bug themed birthday (although this may still happen in the future 🙂 ).  So why a You Are My Sunshine theme??

Well for one, she IS my sunshine.  That’s a no-brainer.  But the REAL reason is, You Are My Sunshine is the song I’d find myself singing or humming at 3 AM.  At 3 AM when Bug wanted to party but Mommy wanted to sleep.  We’d walk, I’d rock she’d giggle.  I’d pray for her to fall asleep and she’d just stare at me wide eyed.  Then I tried lullabies.  They would calm her but never seemed to lull her to sleep UNTIL I tried You Are My Sunshine!!  It worked every time.  So our special song became her first birthday theme!


I was pretty proud of myself this year.  I got a jumpstart on this party.  I actually designed the invitations early and had them printed with Monster’s thank you cards.  (You remember Monster’s All Star Sports Party, don’t you?)

And here they are.  The You Are My Sunshine Birthday Invitations…


The back had all the details on it.

Once these babies went out I started decoration duty.  I always start with a list of things I’d like to get done.  This party planning list consisted of a lot of bunting.  DIY bunting is one of my favorite ways to decorate for a party because it’s so easy and inexpensive.

I even had Monster help me this year.  She was so proud of the circle I had her paint yellow that I turned it into a Welcome sign.  It was the centerpiece of the mantle décor and possibly my favorite decoration because she made it.

AppletiniPhotography1_0666 AppletiniPhotography1_0663

Looks great, right?

You can see some of the bunting I made paired with Monster’s gorgeous yellow masterpiece on the mantle.  Here is some more of that DIY bunting I was talking about…

AppletiniPhotography1_0668 AppletiniPhotography1_0667 AppletiniPhotography1_0678 AppletiniPhotography1_0677 AppletiniPhotography1_0675 AppletiniPhotography1_0679

The tassels are possibly my favorite. Don’t worry… I fixed them on the food table before the guests arrived 🙂 ! I’ve always admired tassels as party décor but have never made them before.  Well, I put an end to that.  I used crepe paper (YES! Crepe paper!!) and it was so simple!  Keep your eye out for the tutorial I’ll be posting soon  🙂 !!

Besides bunting I also made some signs.

AppletiniPhotography1_0674 AppletiniPhotography1_0664

They were fun to make and I used my trusty cardboard.  (If you don’t get the cardboard reference you must have missed this post.)

I also made this fun You Are My Sunshine themed photo prop using cardboard…


OH!  And we can’t forget my must-have photo décor.  When your Aunt Tiff is the most talented photographer on this side of the Mason Dixon you betta believe there will be pa-lenty of photographs!!

Here’s the number one made out of the images from Bug’s first birthday photo shoot and some other adorable birthday images…

AppletiniPhotography1_0669 AppletiniPhotography1_0671 AppletiniPhotography1_0670


And speaking of photo décor, check out this wall.  Because Bug’s monthly photos were Time Flies themed I thought’d be cute to make a clock using the images.



My girlfriend gave me a You Are My Sunshine book before the party. Thanks Teen! We used that as a guest book.  Everyone wrote a little message to the birthday girl.



I decided that sunglasses would make the perfect party favor…


They were a hit…



What’s a first birthday without a coloring station??


Bug’s Godmother supplied the cake and we made the cupcakes.  Thanks Aunt Jess!  And Melissa… your piping skills are sah-weet!


Besides piping skillz, Bug’s Aunt Melissa really knows how to work some flowers!  She was kind enough to pretty up the party with some gorgeous florals!

AppletiniPhotography1_0681 AppletiniPhotography1_0682 AppletiniPhotography1_0680 Thanks again pal!

AppletiniPhotography1_0684 AppletiniPhotography1_0685 AppletiniPhotography1_0687 AppletiniPhotography1_0688 AppletiniPhotography1_0683 AppletiniPhotography1_0689 AppletiniPhotography1_0690 AppletiniPhotography1_0691 AppletiniPhotography1_0692 AppletiniPhotography1_0693 AppletiniPhotography1_0694 AppletiniPhotography1_0695 AppletiniPhotography1_0696 AppletiniPhotography1_0699 AppletiniPhotography1_0697 AppletiniPhotography1_0698

My little Sunshine had a blast at her first birthday.  She loved the cake and was so happy everyone came out to celebrate.

A huge thank you to all our family and friends who made it to the party and to those who couldn’t… we sure did miss you.  I hope you can relive it vicariously through today’s post 🙂 !!

A special thank you to Bug’s Aunt Jess, Tiff, and Melissa.  You girls rock!  I can always count on you to help me throw one awesome party!!  And to Jim… your efforts never go unnoticed!!  I love you all!

You made my little girl’s birthday special and it means the world to her Momma!!!!






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