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Time Flies|Monthly Baby Photos

When Tiffany gave me my monthly baby stickers in my Baby’s First Year Package, the wheels started turning.  I didn’t do this with Monster.  Take a picture of her every month to document her growth.  Okay, I DID take pictures… and plenty of them, but not in a monthly-baby-photo kinda’ way.

After Monster was a few months old I was introduced to the idea of monthly baby pictures.  It was a few months too late. I wasn’t going to start taking Monster’s at the 5 month mark but did promise myself if there was ever a Baby #2…. I’d absolutely do it.

…… three years later….. I got my chance!!!

I was so excited to take a special photograph of my baby every month.  To be able to document her growth.  This WAS Baby #2 and I knew how fast that first year flies by.  But I needed an idea.  A backdrop.  A special location.  Should I include a stuffed animal?  Should it be taken in her room?  Outside maybe?  The possibilities were endless.  I turned to my trusty Pal, Google!

There are so many adorable ideas online.  Tons of creative Moms and Dads out there with so many cute takes on the monthly baby photo trend.  I found one I loved and decided to go with the theme…. TIME FLIES!


(big thanks to Emily over at IMPERFECT for the inspiration)

Baby Bug’s ‘Time Flies’ Monthly Baby Photos

AppletiniPhotography1_0658 AppletiniPhotography1_0657 AppletiniPhotography1_0659

I made the clock out of one of her receiving blankets.  Cut it into a circle and just stenciled the numbers on it.  I also put her in the same onesie in each picture. You can’t really tell, but that newborn onesie was getting pretty snug about the 10 month mark!  I’m surprised I was even able to snap it in the last image.  🙂


In monthly baby photos, it is a good idea to keep a constant.  Something you use that is the same in every photograph.  This way you can see how big your adorable sweetie is getting because you have something to compare in size.  Does that make sense?

The clock is what I used. As you can see in month one… or 1:00, if you will… Bug has plenty of leg room.  By noon she was taking up the entire thing!  I love how this documents her precious first year of growth.


 For another adorable monthly photo idea click here

Well Gang, whatd’ya think? Have you taken monthly baby photos?  Do you plan on it?  What ideas do YOU have?  Please spill!!



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