Cardboard Party Ideas

Cardboard Party Ideas

When SuperDAD walked in and asked me what “ALL THAT CARDBOARD” was in the trunk of the car for I wasn’t sure how to answer.  I knew he’d think my inner Craft Hoarder got the better of me… AGAIN!!!  That I was craft-crazy.  The Crazy Cardboard Lady, he’d call me!  So I just answered as nonchalantly as I could…  “It’s for Monster’s Birthday.  I’m going to use cardboard for party décor”  He looked at me like you would look at a Crazed Cardboard Lady.  Half disbelief, half get-that-wacky-amount-of-cardboard-out-of-my-car!

It took me three trips, but I proudly paraded my salvaged cardboard straight to my craft corner.  OKAY, to the dining room table. It would be my craft station for the next 2 weeks anyway.  No sense in carrying it upstairs just to carry it right back down again.

Tiffany poked fun at me too.  When I marked claim on the cardboard leftovers from her last image shipment she couldn’t help herself. What is it about cardboard that just screams “trash”?  Cardboard is so underrated and unappreciated.  With a little creativity it can be transformed into perfect party decorations!

Today I am going to show you how I used my cardboard for party décor.  To show you that I’m not totally crazy but resourceful!  NO!  SERIOUSLY… cardboard is GREAT for parties!!!  Just check out my cardboard party ideas



Here is a quarter of my cardboard stash.  Those gorgeous flat boards are from Tiff.  The rest are boxes and such that I hoarded collected specifically for party décor.


The first cardboard party décor idea I’ll give ya is signs!  SIGNS. SIGNS. AND MORE SIGNS!

Here are some signs I painted for the party…


I’d usually stock up on poster board but never again!  Why not recycle cardboard?  It was all headed to the trash anyway.  YES!  I’m awesome AND ecofriendly!!!!  😉

DIY signs are such an easy and cost-efficient way to add a little pizzazz to any party.  Stick with your theme, grab a little paint and get crafty!

Speaking of crafty….

I wanted some of my cardboard signs to have different looks so I did try to make some look like wood.  Here is my attempt at giving my cardboard a faux-wood finish.

AppletiniPhotography1_0515 AppletiniPhotography1_0516 AppletiniPhotography1_0517

I’m not sure how I feel about the final result.  What do you think??  Was it worth the effort or should I have just left them natural looking??

If you’d rather not paint, no problem.  You can still have signs.  Here are a few I made by just printing something sports-theme related and backing them with my cardboard.  I also used it to back some pictures.  This made them sturdier and much easier to display at the party.


Here are super simple signs. Just cut some of the cardboard up, labeled it and slapped in on the drinks.  Easy. Easy! EASY!

Here is a quick glimpse at the food table.  I used cardboard EV-AH-REE-WHERE!


BOOM!!!  I dressed that room up for no cost at all.  I already had the paint, stencils and of course… the cardboard.

AWESOME, right??


Besides all of the sports-tastic signage, I also used the cardboard to make party bunting…



Bunting can be tricky!  Well, for SOME!!….


To their credit, this cardboard bunting WAS assembled the night before at 11:00.  I may have worked them too hard!  🙂 !!! 

**Again girls… thanks for all your hard work. 

Well Gang, whatdya’ think?  Will you save some cardboard for YOUR next party?  How would YOU use it?????


*YES!  there it is again!! That phenomenal football field tablecloth.  I know you are dying to see the entire thing! Swing by tomorrow and you can not only get a full preview but I’ll show you how unbelievably easy it was to make!  Perfect for football season!!  When you see how simple it was I’m sure you’re gonna’ wanna’ make your own!

See ya tomorrow!





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  1. Tiffany June 16, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    hahahahahahaha! I love that you used all that cardboard, it really did look amazing. you are one heck of a craftastic crafter my friend!!! that last image is classic!!!

    • Heather June 16, 2014 at 2:15 pm

      That last picture kinda sums up how it feels after weeks of paint fumes and glue burns! HAHAHAHA!!! I shall call it Craft Fever! Just weeks away from catching it again!!! Rest those craft hands up gurl! 🙂

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