All Star Sports Party

All Star Sports Party

When one of our All Stars was leaving the party he looked at me with his sweet sweat stained face and asked “What kind of party are you having next year?”  I told him I wasn’t sure.  He looked disappointed.  I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t have an answer for him or if he was just sad he had to go.  What I DO know is that if next year’s party was already being anticipated then this years Sports Party was a hit!

The fact that Monster told me that “THIS WAS THE BEST PARTY EVER” kinda’ sealed the deal too! 🙂


I must tell you, every birthday party we throw takes A LOT of planning.  Some may think I’m crazy.  I sorta am.  Others may say I’m over-the-top.  I kinda agree.  But I LOVE IT!  I love everything about it!    The hours spent in Photoshop designing invitations, water bottle labels and signage.  The days with paint stained hands. Pennant making, bunting cutting, glue gun burns and endless trips to AC MOORE.  I love it all!

But what I love most… Watching the birthday girl smile.  Listening to her giggle.  Seeing the pure joy on her face all day.  THAT is what it’s all about.  So call me crazy… I don’t care.  If  my girl has the time of her life it was ALL worth it!!!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… The invitation sets the stage for a party.  For the Sports Party I wanted the invite to look like a sports ticket.  Whatdya think?…….


Ya can’t have a sports themed party without ball caps!  Okay, you CAN but I really wanted them. 🙂

I wanted to personalize them so I stenciled the birthday girl’s initial on them.  They came out great and made awesome favors!  The All Stars loved them.  Some couldn’t believe they got to keep them.



While I was stenciling I made SuperDAD and I some shirts.  We needed SOMETHING to wear!   And I couldn’t forget the baby!  Bug got to wear this LIL SLUGGER onesie.  We were all pretty adorable 🙂 !



Okay! Are you ready for the main event?



When the guests arrived they were greeted with these signs.


I’m pretty sure it was clear that they were in the right place!!

Here is what we did INSIDE…

AppletiniPhotography1_0577 AppletiniPhotography1_0581 AppletiniPhotography1_0583 AppletiniPhotography1_0584  AppletiniPhotography1_0585AppletiniPhotography1_0579


We took some of the images from Monster’s Sports Themed Photo Shoot and  turned them into playing cards.  We backed them with some cardboard and placed them around the party.

AppletiniPhotography1_0565 AppletiniPhotography1_0563
The annual photo number!  Every year we have one to represent her age.  It’s always one of my favorite decorations!!
AppletiniPhotography1_0564 AppletiniPhotography1_0586 AppletiniPhotography1_0580 AppletiniPhotography1_0593
I had this amazing idea.  I was going to make these gorgeous sports cupcakes.  Baseball cupcakes.  Basketball cupcakes.  Football cupcakes!  I could do that.  I have made a 7 layered rainbow cake, for goodness sakes.  If I can make THAT I can bake ANYTHING!

HA!!!  These cupcakes knocked me right off my high horse!!!  YEAH, it sounded like a great idea but THIS is not what I had envisioned.  When you wait until the night before the party though you don’t have many options.  You have to serve the cupcakes that looked as if a 3 year old piped them.  You serve em, and smile all while contemplating whether or not you should hang up your baking apron and hire a professional for next year!
Well my cupcakes weren’t perfection but Grandma’s cookies ALWAYS are!

Outside, the tent is usually the focal point of the party décor.  This year I loved how the tables came out.
AppletiniPhotography1_0587 AppletiniPhotography1_0588 AppletiniPhotography1_0592For the Football tablecloth tutorial click here

AppletiniPhotography1_0590 AppletiniPhotography1_0589 AppletiniPhotography1_0575 AppletiniPhotography1_0582

The DIY Pennant station was a hit.  The kids (and grownups) enjoyed decorating their own. By the end of the party there was a serious pennant decorating contest going on.  I’m not sure who won.  (it was probably me) 🙂

AppletiniPhotography1_0574 AppletiniPhotography1_0591 AppletiniPhotography1_0578 AppletiniPhotography1_0596 AppletiniPhotography1_0597 AppletiniPhotography1_0598 AppletiniPhotography1_0562 AppletiniPhotography1_0599


My favorite part of the day… GAME TIME!

To read more about the sports themed party games we played click here.

AppletiniPhotography1_0534 AppletiniPhotography1_0548 AppletiniPhotography1_0547 AppletiniPhotography1_0549 AppletiniPhotography1_0537 AppletiniPhotography1_0540 AppletiniPhotography1_0541 AppletiniPhotography1_0535 AppletiniPhotography1_0545 AppletiniPhotography1_0544 AppletiniPhotography1_0536 AppletiniPhotography1_0550 AppletiniPhotography1_0551

THE AWARD CEREMONY AppletiniPhotography1_0557 AppletiniPhotography1_0554 AppletiniPhotography1_0555

After the games we sang to Happy Birthday to the sweetest 4 year old ever.AppletiniPhotography1_0569 AppletiniPhotography1_0570She LOVED my cupcakes!  I suppose they weren’t TOO much of a fail!AppletiniPhotography1_0568
After cake the birthday girl opened presents.  She got some GREAT gifts!  Here is one of her favorites…


There was an amazing  turn out for this year’s party.  Although I’m not surprised.  Monster is VERY popular. 🙂 Cars were parked 15 houses down and the total kid count was 29!  WHOA!  Let me tell ya… that’s A LOT of kids running around one yard.  Luckily there was plenty to do! 🙂

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who was able to make it to Monster’s Birthday.  We hope you had as much fun as we did!  It means so much that you came to celebrate our little girl.  It wouldn’t be the same without you!!!!  We love you all and are so glad our girl has so many special people in her life!

We are already looking forward to next year !!

Much love,



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