The tables under the tent. Hmmm…. how do I make them “sporty”?

The party tent is one of my favorite things to decorate for the parties I throw.  My best gal pals assistant event coordinators and I gather the morning of, grab some coffee and meet under the tent.  It’s the heart of the backyard.  Where family and friends will sit and enjoy the day.  It needs to be party perfect.   It sets the stage for the day and once the tent is guest-ready, we spread out and prep everything else!

I knew I didn’t want the baseball covered tablecloths at the Party Store.  They were sporty but not my style.  Cute but a little too predictable.

I thought about the tent tables for a few days.  A few ideas were tumbling around and then, as I was looking at Monster’s sports themed photo shoot images for the 37th time, it hit me… I’ll make a football field tablecloth! And that’s exactly what I we did!


It was really very simple!  The easiest tent table to date, actually!

All we needed was…

  • green tablecloths
  • masking tape
  • tape measure
  • paint, brushes & stencils


We started with measurements. 

We measured the length of our three tables and began by finding the middle.  We used our masking tape and made a stripe.  This was our 50 yard line.  Then we measured from the 50 yard line to the end of one of the tables.  Did the math and divided it up into equal sections so that we’d have 4 more yard lines (40, 30, 20, and 10 yard lines) and an end zone.

Does that make sense?  You’re smart.  I’m sure you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down!!


Then we stenciled the yard line numbers and a ‘HOME’ and ‘AWAY’ in the end zones.    This was easy but a little time consuming because if you needed to reuse the stencil you had to make sure it was dry.


Tiff was in charge of  the end zones!  And a fine job she did!!!


**WINK WINK Tiff… don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone why there is a football in the AWAY end zone.  I won’t point out that if you look closely in the photos you can see that the ‘Y’  seems to have inched over a bit. You’re secret is safe with me!!**


YES!  it was as simple as that!!

We added some pom poms and pennants and viola…. the perfect sports themed party table.

AppletiniPhotography1_0532 AppletiniPhotography1_0533

It was a hit with the guests!

I’m guessing you will NOT be having a sports themed party anytime soon, BUUUUUT football season IS just a few months away!  How awesome would you be if you made one of these DIY football field table cloths for a game time gathering??  OOhhhh maybe for a Fantasy Draft Party??  And if not for any of those…. SUPER BOWL!

YES!!! SUPER BOWL!!! Paint EAGLES in one end zone and then whoever they end up playing in the other !! 😉



Today you are in for a treat!

If you are awesome enough to have read today’s post you get a little freebie!  An adorable football themed treat (that just so happens to be served up on an adorable football field plate).  Some Oreos piped with white X’s and O’s to resemble a football play diagram.  Another goodie you could whip up for your next football party.


Alright Party People! That’s a wrap for today.  Make sure to swing back over tomorrow for some more sports party sweetness!!  And THURSDAY the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. (okay, maybe not ALL of you, but I know a few of you have been waiting!! …) the SPORTS PARTY POST!!!!  You don’t wanna miss it!

See ya soon!