Sports Party Games

Sports Party Games

Monster wanted her sports party to be full of games.  She wanted to play them all.  Baseball, soccer, football, basketball, golf, tennis, croquet, and jump rope.  I had to let her down gently.  I mean, our yard is only SO big.  But I did promise her I’d try to fit as many games in as we possibly could.  By the time it was game time she forgot all about croquet and jump rope.  She was thrilled with the games we played.


I thought about how to fit in so many games into the sports themed party.  Stations was what I came up with.

We set up four stations in the yard.  Batting Cages, Football Throw, Basketball Toss and Soccer Kick.  I had a “Coach” at every station to assist the players and to show them which station to rotate to after taking their turn.

AppletiniPhotography1_0535 AppletiniPhotography1_0536 AppletiniPhotography1_0537 AppletiniPhotography1_0534

HAHA!  Yep…. CARDBOARD signs!  <—- if you don’t get the joke you musta’ missed THIS POST.


I had a “Coach” at every station to assist the players and to show them which station to rotate to after taking their turn.

See… here’s our Soccer Coach…..


A huge shout out to all our Coaches who kept the fouls to a minimum and kept the games going so we didn’t  go into overtime!! 🙂

Coach Liss, Coach Matt, and Coach Tini….. You guys rock!!!

Yes, that is only 3, we DID have four.  I ‘coached’ a station too.  Don’t worry I’m patting myself on the back as I type this! 🙂

All the players were told to meet in the “Dugout” after having a turn at each station.  After every All Star played everything we had an award ceremony.

Remember these babies from a few weeks ago…




Batting Cages

We set up a tee and let each All Star take a swing… or 4 🙂

AppletiniPhotography1_0544 AppletiniPhotography1_0545

Football Throw

We hung a hula hoop and gave everyone a few turns throwing the football threw it.  We had a few different size balls and let the player pick which to throw.  When they scored they showed off their touchdown dance!!

AppletiniPhotography1_0550 AppletiniPhotography1_0551

Basketball Toss

Tiff drew a super cool court with chalk.  The basketball stars stood behind the free throw line and took a few shots.  Slam dunks were optional 🙂 !

AppletiniPhotography1_0540 AppletiniPhotography1_0541

Soccer Kick

We had some future World Cup players at the party I think.  Everyone had a blast trying to kick a goal.  Some even wanted a turn being goalie!!

AppletiniPhotography1_0547 AppletiniPhotography1_0548



After all the players took their turn at each station we huddled in the dugout for the Award Ceremony.  We made a huge deal of it.  I made up award titles like “Best Arm” and “Sweetest Foul Shot” and then called an All Star’s name.  We clapped and cheered for each player.  They were so proud and couldn’t wait to show their parents their medal.

AppletiniPhotography1_0554 AppletiniPhotography1_0553 AppletiniPhotography1_0555

Talk about FUN!  These Sports Party Games were such a hit and the award ceremony just topped it off.

Every All Star had a BALL!!!


Okay, well I’ve showed you the games we played,  how to make the DIY medals and pom poms, the super-cool football field table cloth, Monster’s adorable sports themed photo shoot.  Looks like all we have left is THE ALL STAR SPORTS PARTY!!!!  You don’t have to wait very long.  It’ll be up on the blog tomorrow!  Make sure you swing by and see all the sporty details!

See ya tomorrow!




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