DIY Crepe Paper Pom Poms

DIY Crepe Paper Pom Poms

I have rolls and rolls of crepe paper unraveling in my craft corner (literally all my crafting supplies reside in a corner of my home… I will someday have a craft ROOM!).  They are all left over from Monster’s Color Splash Birthday Bash.  You remember that party, right??  It was her second birthday and I bought stock in crepe paper.  I’m not exactly sure what I thought I was going to do with it all. Wallpaper the house with it?  I bought enough to do it but if you look back at the photos you’ll see the crepe paper definitely wasn’t the center of my crafting that year. What was I thinking??   I used way more this year!!

When you are throwing a Sports Themed Party there are a few things you MUST have.  Pom Poms are one of them.  I always try to be resourceful and craft with materials I already have. (Just wait till you see what I did with the cardboard I salvaged from Tiff’s house!!) So I teamed up with my pal, Google, and found this sweet and simple DIY crepe paper pom pom tutorial over at Mommy Testers.  I thought I’d give it a try!!


I grabbed what I needed…

  • crepe paper
  • scissors
  • a clip
  • tape
  • tongue depressor craft sticks



My sticks, er… pom pom handles, were blue and orange.  NOT the look I was going for so I sprayed them with some gold spray paint (which I purchased for a completely different craft project.  I’ll be sharing THAT one too!)


Then I got to work on the pom pom.  I accordion folded the crepe paper.  I made my layers about a foot long and folded about 20 times.

AppletiniPhotography1_0498 The more folds you make the fuller the pom pom will be BUT I must warn you it makes it more difficult to cut.


Next, I clipped one end with the clip.


Clipped the other end with the scissors…



Then began cutting up my pom pom. I carefully cut the crepe paper length-wise 3 times leaving a few inches at the clip end for the handle.  This gave me 4 strips of pom pom strands.


I unclipped and placed the handle on top.



I wrapped the ends tightly around the handle and taped.

AppletiniPhotography1_0503 AppletiniPhotography1_0496




Perfect for a Sports Party!!


I originally planned to have them placed randomly on the party tables but it was a tad windy.  Instead, Tiff came up with a sporty solution.  She put those pom poms in some Yell-a-Phones, or megaphones, if you prefer!

Ooohhh… and what’s that?  A football field table cloth???  HMMMM…. it MIGHT just be!!!!  Stay tuned to see!!!!!!  😉

These pom poms were great for our sports theme but I’m definitely making these baby’s again!  Come football season there will be some that are green and black (GOOO EAGLES)!!  Really, you could make them for sooo many occasions….

  • Big Brother’s  baseball games…. YEP! (will give Junior something to do)
  • Field Day… YES!!!
  • TEAM GAME NIGHT…. well, ya COULD!!!
  • Fantasy Football.  MY TEAM might have one!
  • Soccer, softball, and basketball games.
  • OOOoooo…. cheerleading competitions!
  • OR cheerleader costumes!
  • How about graduation??  Okay, I might be pushing it but it COULD be fun!
  • Maybe just for sweet little Lucy to shake around during play time.

What else could you use these little gems for??  You think about it and let me know!  🙂

Okay Gang, like I’ve said before, I have a few more sporty craft projects I’ll be sharing before showing the actual party.  So stay tuned….

See ya soon!



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