Building a Raised Garden Bed

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Building a Raised Garden Bed

Oldcastle Planter Wall Block – you have made my gardening life so much easier! Thank you Home Depot, my readers know how much I love a good garden solution!!  So much so I even had garden themed wedding invitations!

Oldcastle planter wall block

Last summer we had recently purchased our home and I knew that I wanted to implement a raised garden bed in our yard for my veggies. The ideal place in our forever home for my forever garden was not available due to the huge stump that has not been removed as of yet.

With that, I knew that whatever design I came up with it would not be permanent. I also wanted something sturdy, appealing to the eye and most importantly EASY. After doing some research I decided on using the Oldcastle Planter Wall Block found at Home Depot.

I was thoroughly impressed with the multiple configurations that the blocks could create by simply adding wood, lattice or minor hardware.

Oldcastle planter wall block

Here are just a few reasons why I chose the old castle planter wall blocks:

  • Wood easily slides into the side slats– Home Depot will even cut the wood for you
  • Ideal for raised garden beds
  • Many design configurations
  • Can be permanent and can also be reused in another location.
  • Easy assembly – rod bars may be used to fix blocks to the ground and deck screws.

Oldcastle planter wall block

“Melissa, you are three months pregnant I appreciate that you want to help, you can’t” were the exact words my husband said while helping me implement my Oldcastle Planter Wall Block design.  It was very hard for me to sit out of the actual building of the raised bed.  I appreciate that Tom and my dad insisted on not letting me lift anything.  Naturally it is easy for me to say that it was simple, thankfully they both agree! We loaded the truck with top soil, mushroom compost and other organic matter, had the wood measured and cut then put it together by simply sliding the slats into the blocks.

Here is a photo of last year’s garden in the beginning of the season.

Oldcastle planter wall blockSo what do you think? Do you like how it turned out or think that you could build this too?

If you are thinking of building your own raised bed or furniture with the oldcastle planter wall blocks I do not have a doubt in my mind that you should go for it! If you do, please share your outcome with me!

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  1. Pat Herman June 30, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    As one of the builders of Melissa’s raised bed garden I must say it was a very easy DIY project and the results were amazing.

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