Easy Ways to Update Family Photos

Easy Ways to Update Family Photos

As you decorate your house for the upcoming holidays, switching the décor on your mantel, window ledges, and tabletops, it’s a great time to also think about updating the family photos displayed on your walls.

Updating family photos in your picture frames to reflect the recent years is a great item to add to your holiday to do list, especially when you have children or grandchildren. Children are constantly changing, and family photos quickly become outdated. The task of updating the family photos on your walls can be quite daunting, so today I’m sharing a few ways that you can keep the images in your home current without any added stress.

The Good Ole Switch-Out: An easy way to update the family photos you have displayed in your home is the good, ole switch-out. This makes it simple to display more recent pictures without the arduous task of buying new frames and hanging up new pictures.

Take a look at the pictures in your home that could use an update. Rather than having seven newborn photos of your now two year-old, you can replace some of the newborn ones with more recent photos. Of course, you do not want to replace all of your older photos, as they bring back adorable memories, but you definitely want to add some of your latest family photos too.

Prior to having children, my husband and I used to travel all of the time; hence, most of the pictures displayed on our walls were of our travels. Now that our son is the light of our lives, we have switched out many of our landscapes with photos of him. We still have a couple lingering 8x10s of the New England countryside that I will be soon replacing.

Being very visual, I like to print a stack of my favorite pictures from the past year or so and break out all my 4×6 prints from my Appletini Photography sessions.  Once I collect all my family photos, I hold them up to my existing frames, to see how they would look with the intended frame and mat, and then switch out the old picture with my new favorite.

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If you are wondering what to do with the older photos you have removed and any new ones that you have not used, you can simply add them to a family photo box for future switch-outs and reminiscing.

The Systematic Swap: If you like more structure and organization, or if you have less time to work with, then you could have a certain frame, collection of frames, or wall hanging designated for your most recent family photos. This makes the swapping process quite simple because you don’t have to decide which photos you want to replace: you just remove the previous year’s family photo and replace it with the new one.

I have a wall hanging that I love, which holds three 4×6 pictures, and it looks great with photos from the same series. Every year, I update it with three of the pictures from our family photo shoots. Tiff gives her clients free prints with every portrait session, which makes it so easy to update your pictures. Since the pictures are already professionally printed, it takes five minutes to select three photos, slip out the old photos, and place the new ones in.  I usually pair it with the large piece of wall art that I ordered in my package.  I adore the boutique frames and am building my personal collection.

If you are having your family photos taken professionally, some photographers offer products that are customizable throughout the years. Tiff offers adorable boutique frames (pictured below), where you can easily swap out the picture as often as you would like. This makes updating your family photos a cinch!

Professional Prints | Appletini Photography

The One Wall Focus: If the process of switching out photos doesn’t appeal to you or if you are trying to fill your house with more pictures, then you could tackle one wall or area of your home at a time.

Choose a place in your home where you would like to display a collection of images – above the couch, in the stairwell, in the upstairs hallway, or around the television, and work on creating a cool gallery there. Each year or season you could pick a new spot and work on crafting a new collection of family photos.

Bucks County Portrait Photographer

Creating the perfect collection can be time-consuming, but it is something you will definitely treasure. When we moved into our new house, getting all of the pictures back on the walls seemed like a chore we would never finish, especially because we went with a whole new color scheme in our new house (I still have no place for my gold picture frames…). For this reason, we ended up creating a lot of new galleries, working on one area at time to get the right frames together, arrange them properly, and find the perfect pictures for them. We are slowly chipping away at the space, one wall at a time.

If you need some help putting together a gallery, Tiff created some awesome collections for her clients. Her five collections are sized to perfectly compliment your furniture, and the pictures are available in a variety of forms – large prints, wall art, metal prints, and canvas wraps, to name a few.

Copyright Appletini Photography Copyright Appletini Photography

If you aren’t sure where to start with organizing all of your family photos – especially the phone photos, read last month’s post on photo organization tips.

What is your favorite way to keep your family photos updated? Leave a comment and let us know J


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