DIY Silk Flower Crowns

DIY Silk Flower Crowns

What is a Bachelorette Party without DIY silk flower crowns? Well, I can tell you one thing….. It’s not our kind of party that’s for sure! By now social media may have alerted you that we are back at it again! This certainly isn’t our first bachelorette party to go down in the history books!

Erin is GETTING MARRIED in September and we could not be more thrilled to celebrate her! Tiff took their engagement photos to kick off the festivities last summer. The six of us girls are in Boulder, Colorado for a few days with a road trip, horseback riding (with a steak dinner), epic photo shoot and a visit to the peak of the Rocky Mountains planned…amongst many other shenanigans.

We chose Colorado for Erin’s love of nature and the great outdoors. Also, her parents live there and it will be wonderful to see them as well!

Erin aka the Bird Lady is a dear friend to all of us, we have a friendship of 20+ years!!  Still crazy to think we have all been friends for what seems like a lifetime!

DIY Silk Flower Crown

(yep that is a tapestry in the background……yep, in Williamsport to be exact)

So with the months of planning coming to an end, what better accessory than DIY silk flower crowns to show our unity in celebrating Erin’s upcoming nuptials during the trip!

Last year Tina’s mom asked if I would be interested in 10+ boxes of silk flowers, I had just acquired a brand new empty garage! How could I say no?!  I have used the flowers for a few odds and ends and have always known it was only a matter of time until a BIG project called my name!

The ladies came to my house over the course of two evenings, sadly we did not take any photos the first night but were sure to on the second day when Heather came to make hers. We just love an excuse to get together, chat and create something special!

DIY Silk Flower Crowns

DIY Silk Flower Crowns

  • Floral Wire

  • Wire Clippers

  • Silk Flowers

Like most things in life, I kept it simple. I instructed the girls to utilize the wire to measure their head shape. Once they had a sturdy base the choice was theirs to either wire each strand individually or wire a bunch and then wire the bunch to the base.

Our crown’s all took on a life of their own based on our outfit choices, desire of size and look we were going for.  We had a lot of fun designing Erin’s all white and with a veil – here comes the bride style!!

DIY Silk Flower Crowns

Even Sweet Baby Angel Face got it on the action!!!

DIY Silk Flower Crowns

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I will be sharing some of our decorations and images in the upcoming weeks, be sure to keep on the look-out!

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