Creating Personalized Photo Murals

Creating Personalized Photo Murals

We are spending A LOT of time at home these days so today we wanted to share a photo mural project to give your space a new look.

Photo Mural | Appletini Photography

When decorating a new room, it can be difficult to find affordable wall decor if you are on a budget. I am here to walk you through how to make an aesthetically pleasing photo mural with photos of friends, family, and free prints from Pinterest. Before getting started, I did want to tell you that you can go the expensive route and order a pre-made photo kit from, but if you ask me it’s much more fun to customize one yourself!

The first thing I do

Go through my phone and pick out some images of me with the ones I love. After that’s done I will add the same filter to all of the photos, I use the app Lightroom to edit my pictures. When I’m done with editing and picking out my personal images I head on over to Pinterest to do the rest.

On Pinterest

In the search bar, you can search “aesthetic photos “and you can add color to the search bar as well and a bunch of pictures with the same color scheme will pop up.  I searched “aesthetic photos pink and blue” for my wall and picked out about 50 pictures from Pinterest and about 10-15 photos from my camera roll and printed them all out in a 4×6 size. I have some good news for you, every Appletini Photography session includes a set of 4×6 prints that will fit perfectly into your mural!

The number of pictures you pick out all depends on how big you want your mural to be.

Once you have all the pictures, you can lay them out and organize them in any shape you want and rearrange the pictures to where you think they fit with one another. After I make the shape on the floor I will transfer the photos to my blank wall and boom, you have a personalized mural for all under $20!

Photo Mural | Appletini Photography Photo Mural | Appletini Photography


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