DIY Rainbow Cake


{insert happy dance}

We are going to wrap up the week with something that is bound to rock your socks… This DIY rainbow cake.  I told you when I posted  Monster’s Color Splash Birthday Bash, that I’d show you how to make this beautiful piece of culinary goodness!  I saved my favorite colored party detail for last.  So here it is…

THE CAKE! This rainbow cake was a bit tricky and time-consuming but was worth every second spent. As soon as the first piece was sliced I heard Oohs, Aahs and even saw a few jaws drop. I recommend this show stopper for any event, rainbow themed or not.  ANY party would be lucky to have this cake grace its plates. And the good news… you could make this gorgeous layered cake ANY colors you want. YES I KNOW, AH-MAZING! You can thank me later!

Appletini Photography_033

To Make

Appletini Photography_023


  • white cake – 3 boxes
  • food coloring – amt. depends on desired colors
  • icing – 3 containers

You will also need:

  • eggs, oil & water – cake ingredients
  • mixing bowl
  • mixer
  • measuring cup
  • spoons
  • spatula
  • containers to separate batter
  • cake pans


Make cake batter according to directions.

Separate into containers evenly. (I measured 1 cup of batter at a time)

Appletini Photography_024

The FUN part:

Dye each container the color you’d like.

**warning… If you’re anything like me and get a little carried away in the kitchen, wear an apron and gloves. When I was finished, my shirt and hands looked as if they were assaulted by a Crayola box!!

Appletini Photography_025

Bake your cakes normally but cut the time.

Check frequently so you don’t overcook.

Mine were perfect after 17 minutes

Appletini Photography_026

Allow cakes to cool.

Admire your awesomeness.

Call anyone around into the kitchen to admire your awesomeness.

Insist they tell you how awesome you are!

Appletini Photography_027

Once cakes are cool, slice the tops off to make each layer flat and even.

Appletini Photography_028

Eat the cut offs.

Check out your now colored tongue!

ON YOUR CAKE PLATE, place your first colored layer.

Ice the sides AND top.

Appletini Photography_029

Place next layer on top and repeat steps for all colors.

After all layers are stacked and iced, because you are not Betty Crocker, your cake may need a little straightening.

Get your hands messy, start at the bottom, grip your cake with both hands and CAREFULLY work the layers into place.

DON’T worry about the icing, you can fix that once your cake stands up nice and straight.

When your cake looks less like the Tower of Pisa and more like a layered cake, pretty up the icing and decorate how you’d like.

Refrigerate if not serving promptly.

Appletini Photography_030

Cut slices carefully.

Appletini Photography_031

When EVERYONE asks about your masterpiece -aka- “The Most Amazing Cake They’ve Ever Seen” smile and pretend it’s just something you “whipped” up!

Bask in your glory.

Take tons of pictures.

Appletini Photography_032

KNOW that you ROCK and your cake will be talked about until the end of time!!

Appletini Photography_034

If you are AWESOME enough to try baking your own rainbow layered cake send md your photos (heather @ appletiniphotography . com). I would love to post them here on the blog. Come on, you didn’t work THAT hard NOT to show off your amazing masterpiece!




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  1. Catherine Holt April 20, 2013 at 1:10 am

    OH…you got that right….LOVE it! So so pretty and I’m sure there would be a lot of people who think you are extra creative for making this! I will have to give this a try in my kitchen 🙂

  2. Heather Rizzo April 20, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    Thanks Catherine! If you give it a go… Pictures. Pictures. And more PICTURES!!

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