Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!

There is no better way to celebrate Earth day than with some nature.  Two weekends back my best gal pals and I attended a local photographer meet up and shot the BEAUTIFUL Cherry Blossoms at Fairmount Park.  It’s official – I will be here every year on the first weekend of Cherry Blossoms, they were simply amazing.  I am a spring junkie and when I saw these trees I was sure it had finally arrived.  Just a few days before nothing had blossomed and I was in awe seeing all these beautiful color and textures.  Everywhere we turned there was something beautiful and just as we were leaving we found a door into the greenhouse which was even more amazing.  It felt so good to be surrounded by Mother Earth!!

Heather will be back shortly with the amazing images that she captured!  There are a lot of images in the post so let’s just get on with it!



AppletiniPhotography_1349 copy AppletiniPhotography_1350 AppletiniPhotography_1351 copy AppletiniPhotography_1355 copy AppletiniPhotography_1356 copy AppletiniPhotography_1357 copy AppletiniPhotography_1358 copy AppletiniPhotography_1359 copy AppletiniPhotography_1360 copy AppletiniPhotography_1361 copy AppletiniPhotography_1362 copy

There’s my girls getting their photography on!  I am so proud of the images they captured!!  It’s amazing to see how we have all grown with our images.  Check back shortly to see Heather’s images.

AppletiniPhotography_1364 AppletiniPhotography_1365 AppletiniPhotography_1366 copy AppletiniPhotography_1367 copy AppletiniPhotography_1369 copy AppletiniPhotography_1371 - Copy copy AppletiniPhotography_1372 - Copy copy AppletiniPhotography_1373 copy AppletiniPhotography_1374 - Copy copy AppletiniPhotography_1374 copy AppletiniPhotography_1375 copy AppletiniPhotography_1376 copy AppletiniPhotography_1377 copy AppletiniPhotography_1378 - Copy copy AppletiniPhotography_1379 copy AppletiniPhotography_1380 copy AppletiniPhotography_1381 copy AppletiniPhotography_1382 copy AppletiniPhotography_1383 copy AppletiniPhotography_1385 copy AppletiniPhotography_1387 copy AppletiniPhotography_1388 copy AppletiniPhotography_1389 copy

Are you looking for the perfect wedding venue?  Fairmount Park Conservancy is it!  The image below is their aisle in the greenhouse.  Seriously it make me want to get married all over again!!

AppletiniPhotography_1390 copy (2) AppletiniPhotography_1390 copy AppletiniPhotography_1392 copy AppletiniPhotography_1393 copy AppletiniPhotography_1394 copy AppletiniPhotography_1395 copy AppletiniPhotography_1396 copy AppletiniPhotography_1397 copy AppletiniPhotography_1398 copy AppletiniPhotography_1399 copy AppletiniPhotography_1401 copy AppletiniPhotography_1402 copy

Happy Earth Day, enjoy and hug a tree today!

Xo, Tiff