Gosh, I can’t believe next month my baby girl will be THREE!!  Time is just flying by!

With that said, it’s about that time I start planning Monster’s 3rd birthday. Her parties are always a big to-do!  One, because she’s pretty darn special and deserves a fantastic party.  And two, because her momma is a party planning freak who can’t NOT throw a huge bash when an opportunity presents itself 😉 !

When Monster turned one, we celebrated with a Fairy First Birthday Party.  It was pretty darn adorable, if you ask me.  Tiffany designed the cutest  invitations and my girls helped me with all the fairy awesome details.

Last year, we had a Color Splash Birthday Bash! YES… a Color Splash Birthday Bash!   I know what you’re thinking… it’s just a Rainbow Birthday, and you’re right… but rainbow parties have been done before!  Over here, we like to mix it up a bit!!  😉

While I’m over here racking my brain on all the details for THIS years party… I thought I’d share with you Miss Monster’s ‘s colorful birthday party from last year.

What do you think…..



The table was one of my favorite parts!  Isn’t it pretty fantastic…


I had some wine bottles I was saving for something, so I sprayed them white and filled them with colored flowers.  You’ll notice every detail was laid out in proper ROYGBIV fashion.  OKAY, it was more like PROYGBIV… there just HAD to be PINK!! 😉


It was a little windy and we didn’t want the tablecloth to blow away, so we creatively came up with a solution… yarn!  Not only did it hold the tablecloth in place but it looked awesome too!


We originally had balloons tied to the fence BUT apparently we didn’t think that out very well. YUP, they all popped.  Every last one-of-em!  Shoulda’ seen that coming!  So instead, we strung these pretty yarn pom-poms I made.  That’s right… I made those!  Cute, aren’t they!!??


The birthday girl supervised setup from the swings!!


Before Monster’s party each year, Aunt Tiff takes her out for a birthday photo shoot.  She uses the images for the invitations and of course so Mommy has some to print, hence the 2 gorgeous images on the mantle, below!


Stay tuned to see all of the photos from Monster’s Color Splash Shoot!  Aunt Tiff will be sharing them soon!!  {click here to see her Fairy First Photoshoot}

I loved so many images and printed enough that I could make this photo-riffic number 2.  Such simple photo decor!! …


What’s a color themed birthday without some paint samples??  Can you say “free decor”?


ROYGBIV food table?  OF COURSE!!!


Aren’t these  chocolate dipped Rice Crispy “paintbrushes” fab?  They were all Aunt Tiff!! 😉 …


One of our party activities.  If you love it, you’re in luck!  The tutorial is coming up this week!  Keep your eyes peeled!! …


OH BOY!!! 2nd grade flash back!!  My favorite… the PARACHUTE!!! The kids loved this!  I mean, really LOVED IT!







Another hit, the toy punch out game!!  YEP, made that too!!  I will also be sharing this tutorial with you!  I recommend it for every kid party!  SO easy and an absolute hit with the wee ones!! …




And of course there was cake!!


But not just ANY cake!!!  A cake that makes all others jealous….


I’ll admit, this was the detail I was the proudest of!  I mean seriously,  the cake WOWs you, right??!!  And, if I’m going to share some of these other details with you, you better believe I’ll share THIS one with you too!

Peace, Love & RAINBOWS,

Heather xx