Powder Paint Family Session | Newtown, Pa

Powder Paint Family Session | Newtown, Pa


Powder Paint Session | Appletini Photography

She kept saying, I want something different! I want people to look at it and say, “You did that?” We thought about it for a couple of weeks and one morning it came to us. I am not exactly sure which one of us came up with it but this AWESOME MOM and I came up with this idea for a powder paint battle and once it was said both of us couldn’t get it out of our minds.

This past winter I played Nanny to these adorable little girls, each morning I would wake them up, make lunches, have a dance party and drop them out front of Clare Barton Elementary School. I learned more about Justin Bieber, loom bracelets, elementary school fashion, homework drama, the fun of the elf on the shelf, and sisterly love. The 3 of us had so much fun and it was one of the best job I seriously ever had. They really did teach me so much and I’ll cherish the time I spent with them.

When discussing the creation of these images I knew it was going to be epic, I could just feel it!  Powder Paint, sign me up!   This beautiful family works hard and plays hard. The best thing about family is each person loves one another and picks on one another just enough and a chance to blast your love one with paint is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you have to take full advantage of.  They made no exceptions.

I am so happy to capture these images for you Mel & Manny, I know they will be cherished forever. Like so many others, I love your family to pieces! You’re so much FUN to be around! Your strength and determination to achieve anything is so inspiring. I am so excited to Facebook stalk you through your next journey to Florida. I feel like you have been trying to move there since I met you….LOL. Don’t worry, me and big booty Judy will be down for a visit 😉


Of course we had to start with portrait clothing. I love the way Mom coordinated the outfits…perfect!!! Knowing they were moving to Florida I wanted to make sure we capture them with the trees and beauty of Bucks County. I think we nailed it!



AppletiniPhotography_0292 AppletiniPhotography_0293 AppletiniPhotography_0294 AppletiniPhotography_0295 AppletiniPhotography_0296 AppletiniPhotography_0297 AppletiniPhotography_0298 AppletiniPhotography_0299
And then it was time to break out the powder paint and go nuts! If this looks like an extreme amount of fun with powder paint, its because it is! 😉
AppletiniPhotography_0300 AppletiniPhotography_0301 AppletiniPhotography_0302 AppletiniPhotography_0303 AppletiniPhotography_0304 AppletiniPhotography_0305 AppletiniPhotography_0306 AppletiniPhotography_0307 AppletiniPhotography_0308 AppletiniPhotography_0309 AppletiniPhotography_0310 AppletiniPhotography_0311 AppletiniPhotography_0312 AppletiniPhotography_0313 AppletiniPhotography_0314 AppletiniPhotography_0315 AppletiniPhotography_0316 AppletiniPhotography_0317 AppletiniPhotography_0318

To see even more images view the Video Slideshow, now included with every session!


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Hello Darling! I'm Tiffany Wichert, owner of Appletini Photography. We specializes in Maternity, Newborn, Children, and Family Portrait Photography. Located in Bucks County PA my Morrisville home studio, The Baby Boutique serves Yardley, Newtown, Washington Crossing all the way up to New Hope and as far over to Southhampton. We pretty much will work with any adorable child in Bucks County and the surrounding areas! There is no family too adorable for us!

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  1. Meloney June 27, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    Tiff really captured the true fun loving spirit of our family. These photos are exactly what we want when we welcome people into our home and they say….”you did that?!” Yes we did and not only do we have photos we have great memories of that early Sunday morning in the park. And who better to spend time capturing those moments for us…..why “Big Booty Judy” aka Tiff of course! Tiff has done our annual family photo session for a few years now and we really cherish the talent she has to bring out the best in our family! We’ll be sending for you Tiff when we get ready for pictures on the beach…. Wonder what we could do to top this year:-)

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