The bright side of 2020

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The bright side of 2020

 2020 has been a shit show to say the least.

From the great Kobe Bryant passing to COVID-19 and all the things that came in between. Everyone keeps saying “I can’t wait for 2021”, and I was saying that too until someone asked me “If you could go back to before quarantine and have that life back, would you?”

I had to sit there and think for a second because before quarantine I was in school, I was in a relationship and I was working a job that I thought I enjoyed.

All that disappeared during quarantine, but good things came in place of it.  My college decided that we were going to be 100% online this fall and at first, I was so upset because I would have to live at home.

My opinion on this changed when I found out that I could intern at the local gym I love going to. I am able to do my classes from home due to COVID, so they decided to make me a coach in training and I now get paid for my internship, this is something that would not have been possible if I was living at school.

During quarantine I went through my first heart break, in reality it was bound to happen, but it has helped me grow and pushed me towards people that I can count on. I am now way closer with people in my life that I was not before and am so grateful for that.  Even though my heart hurt I found the good and it motivated me to try new things, like writing this blog. Blogging is something always fantasized about but never actually thought I would do, but because of COVID I was able to meet the amazing Tiffany and she presented me with this opportunity.

I am here to tell you to find the good things from 2020, like I did and be thankful for them. Continue to make the rest of 2020 your bitch and to do things that are out of your comfort zone because if you don’t you’ll be stuck in the same hole you’ve been in since 2020 started.

Do it for yourself because no one is going to do it for you. 

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