Photographing this year’s egg dying

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Photographing this year’s egg dying

I know it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement when you are taking pictures.  I used to.  I would just point and shoot. BUT WHY??  I’ll tell you why, because it was easy and that’s how I took pictures.  Well, when you just point and shoot 9 times out of 10 you will end up with a snapshot, which I was getting way too many of.  I would take all these pictures, usually of Hadley doing something adorable, and when I’d go back to look at them my camera was full of crappy pictures.  I didn’t capture the moment at all.  *SIGH*  After missing special moment after moment I knew I had to change my photography technique.

I decided to consult with my #1 photography resource..  Tiffany, of course!  I figured if anyone could help me it was her!  She was happy to give me a few  simple pointers. Since then, the moments I have been able to capture have been priceless and with practice I keep getting better and better!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am no pro… YET!  I still have a lot to learn but I am seeing improvement on my “MOMography“.  MOMography, you like that right?!  I’m a Mom, it’s my photography so I’m thinking from now on it’ll be my MOMography.

Today, I’m going to share with you a few SUPER SIMPLE MOMography tips I learned that will turn those yawn worthy snapshots of my any child into more interesting and memorable photographs.  Are you ready??

I decided to use some pictures I took the other day when Hadley and I dyed Easter eggs.  So if you are wondering ‘what ARE they doing’  check out our egg dying tutorial here!  

MOMography 101

1.  Use natural light:

It’s softer and more natural than any lamp, bulb or light fixture in your home.  When you can, position your subject near a window where you can take advantage of natural sunlight.  If you can take your photos outside, DO IT!!  If you don’t need to use a flash, don’t. DO NOT do what I did and use your flash while using the natural light.  The lighting was perfect, I did not need the flash but was so caught up in the excitement I forgot to turn it off.

AHHH, I DO know better… but like I said, I’m still learning myself! 😉



2.  Don’t forget the details:

Details are important.  Don’t just snap pictures of your adorable kid, be sure to capture the details.  These will be the first things you forget but the ones that make the experience special.  Years from now, I’ll remember Hadley and I used shaving cream and food coloring to dye eggs but I may forget…

How silly her gloves looked on her tiny hands…


How gentle she was and barely touched the shaving cream with her first egg:


How, even with gloves on, she managed to dye her hands:


OR, that we played with the shaving cream after all our eggs were dyed:


AND, how she thought it was funny to put on her mouth:



3.  Take away distractions:

When taking photos,  move any items in the frame that may be distracting.  Here are a few shots I retook after removing things I didn’t want in the photo.  Aren’t the “after” shots much better….



4.  Shoot from interesting angles:

Get up.  Move around.  Shoot up.  Shoot down.  Shoot from behind.  Try different angles.  The more you move around the better your chances of getting more interesting photos and catching details you may not from any other angle.


I like how the eggs are front and center in the first photo.  From this angle I focused on those and blurred Hadley playing in the background.  An interesting photo, in my opinion.  The second shot is a great way to show how much shaving cream was actually in front of her, that cute little pony tail curl (that I’m sure will eventually fade away)  and that she knelt the entire time since she’s still so small.

AGAIN… I am NO pro.  Just a Mom trying to capture the special moments in my child’s life.  If you’re a Mom, I’m sure you can relate.  I hope my tips help you as they have helped me.

I will continue practicing these MOMography tips.  By the time graduation rolls around, I’m sure my technique will be perfect!! 🙂






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