Hilariously Awesome Bridal Shower Games

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Hilariously Awesome Bridal Shower Games

This Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower was not our first rodeo.  My gang and I have thrown many-a-showers.  We pride ourselves on all the little details. We try not to duplicate anything and aim to please not only the bride-to-be but every guest attending.  That’s why we feel EVERY detail is important.  Especially the games!!

Bridal Shower Games

We like to play games that haven’t been seen before and that get the guests involved.  We like to hear laughter, see Grammy smile and some slight disappointment when the game ends doesn’t hurt either 😉  !!

At Tiffany’s bridal shower we played two games.  The first was called “Who Has the Groom” and the second, “Mustaches and Tiaras“.  I recommend them both… BUT ONLY if your guests want to laugh and get a little silly!

Here’s how you play:

Who Has the Groom

Bridal Shower Games

Seriously, isn’t it fun already?  You don’t even know how to play yet and you’re already smiling!  You ARE smiling, right?  Okay, I thought so!  Come on… THESE GUYS ARE FUNNY!!

So to play, I found a tuxedo printable online.  Then in Photoshop, I added the celeb’s heads.  (They still crack me up!!) Each gentleman measured 5×7, because that’s the size envelopes I had!!

Once I had the celebrities put together, I made A DAVE -aka- THE GROOM (isn’t he handsome?)!  Because we had 70 guests attending the shower… we printed 2 grooms and 68 celebrities. (Print as many grooms as you’d like winners)

 Then we placed each in an envelope, which was labeled “Who Has the Groom?” … OKAY, our envelopes had #WhoHasTheGroom on them, because Tiffany has a hashtag obsession and we thought it was funnier that way… but for YOUR party I recommend “Who Has the Groom” 🙂

Before the guests arrived, we taped the envelopes on the bottom of each chair.  You could also leave one at each place setting or pass them out when it’s time to play.

Whatever you decide to do, I guarantee when the guests open their envelopes there will be plenty of laughter.  Even if you don’t get “THE GROOM”  you get a hilarious looking man staring back at you.  It’s a WIN-WIN!!

 Mustaches and Tiaras

Bridal Shower Games


To play this game you need the cooperation of both the bride & groom to-be.  Come up with 20 questions to ask each. Our questions weren’t too serious.  We thought the sillier the better.

We emailed the list to Tiffany and Dave and they emailed us their answers.  We then choose one of their answers for each question.


What would you do on Mars?  One of them said “Eat Mars bars”… We liked that answer best so that’s the one we used.


Before playing the game, we passed out a pencil, blue game board, one mustache and one bedazzled tiara to each guest.  YES, ours HAD to be bedazzled 🙂 !

Bridal Shower Games

Now the fun part… You read the question, then give one of the answers.  If the guests think the bride gave that answer… they “wear” the tiara.  If they think the groom answered that way… they “sport the stache”.  If they think the bride and groom BOTH answered that way… They put on the tiara AND the mustache.  (These are the funniest) !  Whoever has the most correct guesses at the end WINS!

Bridal Shower Games Bridal Shower Games Bridal Shower Games

Isn’t that hilarious?  Our guests had a blast! It was so funny.  At times it was hard to calm the room down to start the next question… and the props were such a hit that they are sill making random appearances!

Both of these games were such a hit.  I’d highly recommend them to anyone!  So the next shower you throw… PLAY THESE GAMES! I promise… you WON’T be sorry!!!


Okay, yesterday you saw the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Invitations, today I shared the games we played… so what’s on tomorrows agenda??  Well, I’m glad you asked!  Tomorrow you are in for a treat… An easy cheap DIY project.  That’s all I’ll say for now.  Stop in tomorrow to see the details!



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