Breakfast at Tiffany’s Invitation

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s Invitation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or have been off your social media game,  you know we recently threw Tiffany her bridal shower.  Sure it was AFTER her Big Fat Irish Wedding, which is untraditional… but have you met Tiff?  She is NOT your cookie-cutter kinda gal!

Now, let me begin by saying, Tiffany throws some of THE best parties.  (for proof, click here, here, and here).  She never cuts corners, spends hours planning, crafting, designing and photographing all of these events.  She is absolutely amazing and it was finally her turn to be honored with a party that rocks as hard as she does!  And I must say… it DID rock!  HARD!!

So, apparently if your name is Tiffany and you are uber fabulous it’s an unwritten rule you need to be given a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party at least once in your life.  No, I’m serious, I’m pretty sure it is.  I mean, why WOULDN’T you?

The theme of Tiff’s bridal shower was set even before our first “meeting” was held.  It was obvious from day 1… Tiffany would have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower.   Now, don’t worry… you will see all of the amazing details this week, but today we start with the invite!

Usually, Tiff designs the invites for most of our parties but this one was ALL ME!  And YES… I am going to toot my own horn.  “Toot Toot” !!   These Breakfast at Tiffany’s invitations were AWESOME!!!  While I CAN take credit for the design, I can NOT discredit the rest of the invitation-makers…

Melissa:  thank you for the printing and endless trips to AC Moore and Office Maxx.  Also for the help with assembly and the hours worth of label work 🙂  … without you these babies wouldn’t exist!

Tini:  Your help with assembly was priceless… and your “China Bows”, EXCELLENT!

Steve: You are a hole-punching savior!

Okay, without further ado, here is the invite…





If Tiff has taught me anything, it’s that an invitation sets the stage for the rest of an event.  And this invite did just that.

 *Stay tuned*     For the next few days I will be sharing the rest of the details of Tiffany’s bridal shower, and I promise… you DON’T wanna miss any of them!  So, I’ll see ya tomorrow, where I’ll be sharing the hilariously entertaining bridal shower games we played!

Until then…


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