Remember the Color Splash Birthday Bash from last week?  Ah, of course you do!

Well this was one of the DIY details I had to share with you… the Punch Out Birthday Party Game.  It was a hit and I recommend it for any children’s party.  The kids loved taking turns punching for a toy and it was easy to make.  MUCH easier than I originally thought it was going to be.  Looks a lot more difficult than it is.

Let me show you…

Birthday Party Game

You will need:

  • sturdy poster board (the cardboard kind)
  • tissue paper
  • brown paper lunch bags
  • party favors/toys
  • scissors
  • clear packing tape

I recommend heading to the dollar store.  They should have everything you need!


When you have all your materials for your birthday party game, take your poster board and cut holes in it.  6 on each sheet worked perfectly.  How many pieces of  poster board will depend on how many children you have at the party.  Each should be able to punch out at least one hole.  So make your game with an appropriate number of “punch outs”.  Mine had 18.  There were only 15 children attending but 3 lucky adults got a chance to play too!!


Once all your holes are cut each will need a tissue paper cover.  I doubled my paper up so it was a bit sturdier.  Cut some tissue paper squares and tape them on the back of your poster board.  Make sure each hole is completely covered.


Next, take your brown bags and cut a 4 inch slit down each of the corner creases.  This is where your toy will sit.  It should look like this…


Now, carefully place a toy on each “punch out” circle.  Place your bag over it and tape the flaps down. Tape them well!  Make sure each flap is secured tightly to the board so the bag will be fastened well enough to hold the toy.








Once all the bags are in place, carefully stand the game up.  Once you do this you can double-check is bag is secured well enough.


Admire your sweet party game!

FIGHT the urge to punch out every hole!  Move the game to a location it won’t taunt you.  It WILL beg you to punch it!


When it’s party time, set the game up.  We had to tie ours to the fence because the wind was not cooperating.  Make sure it’s set up in a spot it wont fall over and  get ruined before you get to play.  Also, keep it somewhere the kids can’t go punching it when no one is looking!!


When you play, make sure you have someone taking pictures of the sweet excitement on each childs face when they punch for a toy.  It will be priceless!!

2013-04-16_013 - Copy

Afterwards, be prepared for the parents to tell you how creatively awesome you are.  That just never gets old!! 😉


So, if you are looking for a children’s party game, do yourself a favor and make a Party Punch Out Game. I promise, you won’t be sorry!!

Have fun,