DIY Medals

I originally wanted to make trophies for Monster’s Sports Party.  I was about 12 minutes from it too, until it hit me… MEDALS would be so much easier.

I knew I wanted to have an award ceremony at the party. After we played all the fun sports games I had lined up (stay tuned for that post!)   I wanted to gather the “team” and give each player some type of trophy to take with them.  They WERE All Stars after all.  They deserved SOMETHING!!  So I went the medal route.

My DIY MEDALS were unbelievably easy.  So much simpler than the goblet sprayed gold and glued to a block of wood that I was a few minutes away from purchasing.  Although, I promise you those would have been some saaaa-weet homemade trophies.  Maybe next time when I don’t have 30 kids to make them for!

Here are the homemade medals I, errr…. WE  whipped up.

** My girls Tiffany and Melissa helped.  I wouldn’t dare take all the credit.  They were, and are always, craftacular!!!!  I love you batches!  Thanks so much Pals.  Even with glue gun burns, ornery tape rolls, paint stained clothing and unlimited trips to the craft store you always have my back!! **


All we needed was some ribbon, paint, a stencil, a sharpe and those round wooden circle things you can find in the wood aisle at the craft store.

You know, these things….


I sprayed them gold… of course!  What other color medal are ya gonna’ give a buncha’ All Stars??


After they were gold and gorgeous I passed them off to Tiffany.  She stenciled on the #1sts and added some sharpie flare.


Then they headed to the Glue Gun Station. Melissa works a mean glue gun!!  She handles that hot glue like a boss!  She took the ribbon she pre-cut and glued one end onto the back, then the other end right on top of that one.


And in about an hour we had 30 DIYed Medals party-ready!

AppletiniPhotography1_0510 AppletiniPhotography1_0509

For the party I hung the 1st place medals on the fence.  We spent all that time making them that I knew I needed to display them.  Not just pull them out at the award ceremony.  That’s right.  I said AWARD CEREMONY!!  I mean if you’re gonna’ do it you might as well DO IT!

After we played the sports games (which were awwwwww-some)  I had all the kids players meet me in the Dugout.  I then made up award titles:  ‘the sweetest soccer kick’, ‘the best basket made’… etc. and called each All Star up to receive their medal.  We all clapped and cheered for each other and the kids were beaming with pride.  It was adorable!

**  A big shout-out to that one sweet little All Star who called me out for trying to use the same title twice.  I’m pretty sure he’s the only one who caught that I had already given an award for “best football arm”.  I shoulda had a list.  Do you know how hard it is to make up 30 different award titles?  Next time kid, YOU’RE doin it!!!!!! 😉 **


^^ I look pretty official with that whistle, right?? ^^

It really did come in handy!


Have an award winning weekend Gang!



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