Cherry Blossom Trees | Fairmount Park Conservancy … TAKE 2!

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Cherry Blossom Trees | Fairmount Park Conservancy … TAKE 2!

Is there anything more beautiful than nature?

This morning, Tiffany treated us to her gorgeous images from when we went Cherry Blossom shooting, now it’s my turn to show off my photographs.  Our day at Fairmount Park was absolutely beautiful. I am so glad Tiffany invited us to join her!  I had a great time taking pictures with my closest girlfriends and was proud of the images I captured.

What do you think?? …







2013-04-13_007 2013-04-13_008 2013-04-13_009 2013-04-13_009a

2013-04-13_010 2013-04-13_011 2013-04-13_012 2013-04-13_013 2013-04-13_014 2013-04-13_015





2013-04-13_027 2013-04-13_026 2013-04-13_025 2013-04-13_024 2013-04-13_023 2013-04-13_022 2013-04-13_021 2013-04-13_020

2013-04-13_029 2013-04-13_030 2013-04-13_031 2013-04-13_032 2013-04-13_033 2013-04-13_034 2013-04-13_035 2013-04-13_036 2013-04-13_037 2013-04-13_038


Earth laughs in flowers.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Earth Day! Enjoy the beauty of nature!



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