8 DIY Bridal and Wedding Gift Ideas

8 DIY Bridal and Wedding Gift Ideas

Eileen from Just Measuring Up, a rockstar DIY mom who also posts for Appletini, shares some great DIY bridal and wedding gift ideas that are creative, thoughtful, and perfect for the couple that has everything.

Weddings are a time to celebrate, and there is no better way to celebrate than with these creative wedding gift ideas. With engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and weddings, there are lots of gifts to give. It’s easy to pick a few items off of a registry or give the gift of cash, but maybe you are looking for something a little more thoughtful, maybe you are looking to save money with a DIY wedding gift ideas, maybe you are stumped on what to get the couple that has everything, or maybe you love giving creative gifts.

No matter the reason, here is a list of the best DIY bridal and wedding gifts ideas. Brides, grooms, moms, and shower guests love these creative wedding presents – they definitely stand out in a room filled with ordinary gifts. These gifts are simple to make and leave lots of room for creativity.

First Year Milestone Wine Basket

Love cardstock, ribbon, and wine? This DIY first-year milestone wine basket from Just Measuring Up is undoubtedly a favorite.

In this gift basket, there are 12 bottles of wine – one for each big milestone during a coWedding Gift Ideasuple’s first year of marriage (Wedding Night, First Christmas, First Valentine’s Day, First Snowfall, First Fight, First Dinner Party, First Anniversary, etc).

In their post, How to Easily Make a Wedding Wine Basket, you can download the tags that go with each wine bottle, featuring a cute little poem that matches the occasion.

Yet, most of the fun comes from picking out the bottles of wine because you can match the names of the wine to the occasion. For example, 30 Degrees for First Snowfall, Jersey Blush for First Beach Trip, Oops or Freudian Sip for First Fight, Little Black Dress for First New Years, or Full House for First Dinner Party.

See how much fun it is 🙂 I cannot tell you how many brides, moms, and shower guests have raved about this wine basket.

Year of Dates Box

Wedding Gift IdeasWe simply love this idea from The Babes Ruth. This DIY box is filled with twelve pre-planned dates, and everything needed for the dates is included in the box.

In their post A Year of Dates (in a box), they include free templates and a list of things for each date. The first month’s date is a picnic, and included is a sweet poem that explains the date, a list of local parks, a cloud sketch sheet, oversized pencils, two brown lunch bags, and plastic utensils. Other dates include game night, an iron chef competition, puzzle races, breakfast in bed, and cosmic bowling.

Putting this together,  you can be as creative as you’d like with the dates –ice cream dates, museum dates, strawberry picking dates, haunted hayride dates, Christmas movie marathon dates, building a snowman dates, holiday light tour dates, cook-off or baking dates – the opportunities are truly endless.

For an ice cream date, you could include sprinkles, cups/cones, a few additional toppings, spoons, napkins, and $10 for the couple to buy ice cream. For a comedy night, you could have a few mad libs templates, funny You Tube videos, and a few snacks.

A dinner date could include a list of reviews for local restaurants and a gift card. A Christmas movie marathon date could include DVDs, a Netflix account, or a list of the best holiday movies along with a few snacks and maybe a cozy blanket. Just take into account the expiration dates of any of the perishables you include. To further inspire you, here is a list of 40 free date ideas.

Social Media Memories

PhotWedding Gift Ideasographs are just so special, as they are the closest thing to freezing time. Why not take the couple’s most special pictures and turn it into a scrapbook for them?

You could use their Instagram or Facebook photos to grab the pictures, add some fun borders and captions, and then bind them together in a book.

I love how Elsie from A Beautiful Mess created hers! She used map scrapbook paper as a backing for the photos and an app called PostalPix to print the photos straight from Instagram.

Be sure to check out the details in her post Our First Year: Instagram Scrapbook.

Registry Gift Baskets

Bridal Shower GiftsMore than often than not, I tend to stick with a theme for bridal shower gifts. If the bride has registered for cupcake and cookie pans, I’ll purchase them along with a few related items that are not on her registry, such as a whisk, a few cake mix packages, cupcake wrappers, and maybe a rolling pin. I’ll place it in a gift basket or tie it all together with some cute ribbon for a baking gift basket.

I love doing this because I still buy a few things off the registry, and I also get to add a little of my own creativity and thought too.

The possibilities don’t end with baking – you can do any kind of gift basket. I recently made a pizza one, as the couple had registered for a pizza stone set. I added some pizza dough mixes, sauce, mozzarella (non-refrigerated and check the expiration dates), and pepperoni.

You can also use an item on the registry as the actual basket. Two Healthy Kitchens shares this colander gift basket with monogrammed kitchen towels and kitchen utensils.

In their post 14 Easy Crafts and Gifts for Cooks and Bakers, they features quite a few fun baskets, including how you can place a bunch of kitchen utensils (such as spatulas, big spoons, brushes, whisks, etc) inside of an oven mitt for a nice gift.

No matter which you choose, I’m sure the bride will love the extra thought you put in 🙂

Themed Gift Baskets

Bridal Shower GiftsIn addition to making a gift basket with registry items, you could also make other types of themed gift baskets. Think about what the couple likes to do. Do they love going to the movies? Make them a movie night box with snacks, gift cards, popcorn, cups, and a few of their favorite DVDs. There are lots of cute movie-themed items at stores such as Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I’ve seen popcorn containers, popcorn bowls, and even movie night picture frames.

If the couple loves baking, you could make them a holiday baking basket with cookie cutters, dough mix, sprinkles, cookie cutters, a rolling pin, and icing pouches.

Does the couple love ice cream? Make them an ice cream sundae box with cute bowls or cones, sprinkles and other toppings, chocolate sauce, and a gift card for the ice cream. I recently made an ice cream box for my sister-in-law and her family. The details are on my post How to Make a Simple Sundae Gift Basket.

You could also do a seasonal themed basket, such as a fall gift basket if the couple is getting married in the fall or maybe they just love the autumn season. You could include pumpkin flavored foods, apple cider, apples, caramel dip, and toppings for candy apples, a listing of local farms for apple picking, or tickets to a fall festival. I just love this I Fall For You gift basket from the Dating Divas.

There are just so many possibilities with themed gift baskets. When picking a theme, try to pick something that will have a special meaning to your couple. If you are looking for more ideas, here are some pre-made baskets that you could definitely recreate.

DIY Framed Prints

great lovesI am just blown away at how beautiful this Great Loves print is from My Sweet Sanity. With the couples names in bold at the center with a heart, the print features a list of great loves – Romeo and Juliet, Mickey and Minnie, Fred and Wilma, Han Solo and Princess Leia, and Barbie and Ken. Check out the post How to Make a Great Loves Print for step-by-step instructions.

Another idea I adore is the shadow box. Shadow boxes are great because they are like a 3D scrapbook page. You could make a shadow box of a place the couple has travelled to and loves. Beach shadow boxes could include photographs, seashells, beach-themed scrapbook paper, a beach-loving quote, or 3D letters spelling out love or beach.

You could also give the couple a shadow box after their wedding with things from their wedding day – their invitation, their ribbon, similar flowers (or dried flowers), bubbles, and of course, photographs.

Monogrammed Burlap Gifts

Burlap fabburlapric is so popular right now, and monograms never truly go out of style. Why not combine these ideas to create something beautiful?

You can print on burlap using your inkjet printer and create a unique and beautiful print, ready for framing. Materials are simple – burlap, freezer paper, an iron, printer paper, and scissors.

Craftaholics Anonymous gives a great tutorial on how to create the perfect burlap print for wedding gifts in their post DIY Monogram Wedding Gift Idea.

You can pick up a coordinating frame at A.C. Moore or Michaels with their coupons, and voila! You’ll have a beautifully crafted, creative gift.

If you are feeling especially crafty, you can even create monogrammed burlap pillows.

Love on a Rustic Wooden Pallet

palletRustic wooden pallet signs are everywhere these days, and they aren’t as hard to make as you think. I love this wooden pallet tutorial Easy Do It Yourself Wood Pallet Signs from Beauty and Bedlam because it’s simple and produces great results. Materials include the pallet, sand paper, carbon paper, a printer, and paint – that’s it!

As far as the saying to use, you could use the couple’s names and wedding date, you could use their monogram, you could print a cute quote, such as “Happily Ever After Starts Here” or “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.”

You can also be creative with the different fonts you use. I personally LOVE fonts (I think I have more fonts on my computer than shoes in my closet). Websites like Dafont are wonderful – free, user-friendly, and lots of great choices.

After all these DIY wedding ideas, if you still want to give cash, you could always make something like this from Homemade Gifts Made Easy: 

cute money gift
I just love the creativity involved with do-it-yourself projects. Bridal and wedding gifts are especially fun DIY endeavors.

Couples always love them, as beautiful DIY gifts show so much thought and are always so appreciated. You simply can’t go wrong with these ideas.

Let us know which you decide to make. We love hearing from you 🙂


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