Tepee Photography Prop | Pinterest Challenge

Tepee Photography Prop | Pinterest Challenge

Good Morning Pals!  Today we have a really fun post and tutorial.  Anyone wanna learn how to make a teepee?  {{Fun Fact – -Tepee can actually be written as Tepee, TiPi or Teepee}}  I am using my teepee for a special photo shoot this weekend but this was so simple to make and could be a really fun summer project for you and the kiddos!


Now wait a minute!  Where did I get the inspiration to build a teepee?  Young House Love, of course!  Quick Story – I have been reading Young House Love since 2009 when I assigned by my current job to learn more about DIY brides.  I came across John & Sherry’s DIY wedding and although that was really just one post and the rest of the site is really about home design I was hooked.  They are one of the first blogs I started following and still enjoy reading their blog daily.  Each season Sherry post a Pinterest challenge and I have always wanted to participate but have always been too busy.  Well, not this time!  When Sherry posted the spring challenge I called Heather and told her we were in!  We love a craft challenge!


One thing Heather and I have seen and always wanted to try on Pinterest was building our own Tepee as a Tepee Photography Prop.   I have always dreamed of doing a photo shoot with a Tepee, warm sun, little girls and lots of giggles and fun.  So we starting doing some research and learned how to build our own tepee.  First we pinned a Tepee inspiration board on our Pinterest.  What?!?!?! We’re not pals on Pinterest—> click HERE

We used the pole structure from this My Poppet Tepee tutorial and we LOVED this simple curtain idea for the Teepee cover from Confessions of a Prop Junkie.  A quick trip to the store and we could not believe how fast this came together.  I think we had the whole Teepee build within 20 minutes.

What you need to build a Tepee Photography Prop:

  • 5 Poles about 5 foot in length each – the tutorial we read said we needed wooden dowels but they were a little too expensive for our projects.  Wooden dowels would have cost $2.05…a foot and we needed 5 foot x 5 poles which was too much. 😉  So Heather and I came up with Plan B, 1×2 Pine which was only $2.49 for a 5 foot piece.  Perrrrrfect!
  • Curtains – we got ruffled kids curtains from Target which was a splurge but any curtain would do.  Since this is a photography prop I loved the texture of the curtains
  • Drill
  • Rope
  • Ribbon



First drill a hole about 1 foot down on each pole.




Sting the rope through each hole and string the pieces of wood together.


Position your tepee and get the poles just right then wrap the rope around the top to give it that finished “Tepee look”AppletiniPhotography_1540 AppletiniPhotography_1541



Next, string the curtains on ribbon and tie the ribbon around the top of your Teepee poles.


Stand back and enjoy your awesome Tepee!!!AppletiniPhotography_1544


Now I did mention this was a Tepee Photography prop, check back next week to see my “Teapee” shoot which I am SO EXCITED for!!  Below is a small sample of the styling this baby is going to see this weekend 😉 eeeekkkkkkkk!!!


UPDATE – Below is an images from a session where I put this adorable Tepee to work!!







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