Friendship Oak, 500 year old tree

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Sorry for the posting delay...these summer days are keeping me busy ;) A 500 hundred year old tree that survived Katrina, yes please!  This was by far that largest and most glorious tree I have ever seen.  500's hard to believe  We found this tree located on the front lawn of the Southern Miss [...]

Photo Sixty Five – Sunday Editing

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One thing I love about Sunday is getting to edit all the images that I shot throughout the week and over the weekend.  Catching up on sleep isn't so bad either. I love warm weather, sunglasses, flip flops, frozen cocktails with little umbrellas, capri pants, sleeping in the air conditioning and all the things that [...]

Photo Forty Five – Fall

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I love the colors of fall and this year everything seems to be popping.  The gold trees seem exceptional crispy and shiny.  I wish fall could be all year round minus the whole day light saving thing, I'm not a fan of the 5 o'clock darkness.  I have always taken pictures of trees, I love [...]

Photo Twenty Two – Orbs

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Some people say Orbs are just fractions of light and some say they are spirits.  I like to think they are my guardian angel reminding me she’s there.  She always shows up when I need her and I SURE did need her with the hill I was hiking up when I caught this.  I know [...]

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Photo Twenty One – The Rush

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Oh waterfalls are so much fun.  I had to do a lot of playing to get my settings right but I found that I could get so many differnet looks.  I think these images look very peaceful, I feel like I captured the spirit of the falls.

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