Sophia’s Rockstar Birthday Party

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Sophia’s Rockstar Birthday Party


You saw the Rockstar Invitations  a few weeks back and earlier today Tiff posted about the Rockstar Photoshoot so it’s about that time…

Time for SOPHIA’S ROCKSTAR BIRTHDAY PARTY!  You’ve all waited so patiently and we won’t delay it any longer!  Here are the ROCKIN’ party details…


Appletini Photography_286

The little rockstar kicked her party off by jammin’ on her drumset!  This got the guests pumped and ready to party!!

Appletini Photography_271 Appletini Photography_272

Besides the stage set, there was plenty of rockstar party decor.  Everywhere you turned there was something party fabulous!  I personally loved this canvas that was no doubt a gift from Aunt Tiff…

Appletini Photography_273 Appletini Photography_274

Sophia’s rockstar friends were treated to rockin’ accessories  and makeup.  They all had a blast adding hip color to their hair, getting cool tattoos, and gearing up with rockstar rings, bracelets, microphones and guitars!  Everyone was ROCKIN’ in STYLE! Appletini Photography_275 Appletini Photography_276 Appletini Photography_277 Appletini Photography_279

Rockstars always have the best of the best so of course Sophie’s party had a bounce house!! It was a huge hit with all the little rockers!

Appletini Photography_278

Downstairs, the basement was transformed into Club Sophie!  Complete with strobe lights, karaoke, and music that didn’t stop until late into the evening!  The rockers may have been young, but they already know how to party like Rockstars!!Appletini Photography_281 Appletini Photography_280

OH, and look who made an appearance… The Biebs, himself!  The kids had a blast playing Pin the Guitar on Justin Bieber.  Appletini Photography_282

And of course there was CAKE…Appletini Photography_283

Appletini Photography_284


Appletini Photography_285

This was one ROCKIN’ party!  Sophie had a blast, as did her entourage.  It was absolutely awesome and one ANY ROCKSTAR would deserve.

Happy Birthday one more time Sophie.  Thanks for having us at your party!  It was almost as incredible as you are!




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  1. Catherine Holt May 26, 2013 at 4:58 am

    What an AWESOME party. Did I mention it is AWESOME??? Lol. So…what do i like the best?? So hard to decide…everything! Sophia looks like a little rockstar, this theme suited her perfectly 🙂

  2. Heather Rizzo May 28, 2013 at 9:49 am

    Catherine… Sophie IS a little rockstar! No theme has ever been more appropriate 🙂 !! It really was a fantastic party. Her Mom is going to have a hard time trying to top it 🙂 !!

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