She has been asking to be a “ballet-er” for a while now.  (I’m not quite sure where the idea stemmed from but I think Angelina Ballerina may have had something to do with it.)  Am I just terrible that I didn’t sign her up 6 months ago when she first began asking??  Monster asks for a lot of things.  She also wants to be an astronaut but I’m not sending her to Space Camp.

Well, one evening SuperDAD and I  were watching So You Think You Can Dance.  The girls were asleep  Bug was sleeping, Monster was… supposed to be sleeping.  We watched a few hip-hop dancers, and then a female dancer came to the stage.  She started her dance.  A lovely ballet number. Then, like a bat outta’ Hell…. Monster came running into the living room.  I was about to give her my “It’s bedtime, little girls need their rest, PAH_LEES go to bed” speech until I saw what she came out for.  She stood in front of the television and mimicked every kick, twirl and jump the beautiful dancer was doing on the stage.  After the routine my girl turned to us and said, in her sweetest voice, “Mommy and Daddy, I’d really like to be a ballet-er”.

I called and signed her up the next day!

We decided to sign her up for a short 4 week Summer intro course.  It includes tap and ballet.  If she loves it like I think she might, we will sign her up this fall for a full dance season.

She was so excited to start and to be honest so was I.  I made a huge deal of it.  IT IS A BIG DEAL…. the first day of ballet!  I want Monster to know Mommy and Daddy want her to try new things and that everything that is important to her, is important to us!! OH!  And OF COURSE I took pictures! 🙂

Momography Tips - The first day of ballet


As you probably already know, I love to practice my MOMography whenever I can.  Documenting my children on camera is so important to me.  Capturing those special moments and preserving the memories for a lifetime means something.  My girls will have them to share and cherish for the rest of their lives.  I can’t think of a better gift to give them.

On this very special day, I wanted to focus on the details and attempt to tell the story in photographs.  I’m not sure how well I did.  We were running late right on time, which didn’t give me much time to work with.  I can think of about ten other shots I wish I would have taken and we never made it to the backyard to jump and twirl that tutu but I did get SOME images and some are way better than none.  And really, that is the beauty of MOMography, the more you practice the better you get!!

Here is my beautiful ballerina, or “ballet-er“, if you will   😉 ….  getting ready for her first day of ballet!!!!!

AppletiniPhotography1_0625 AppletiniPhotography1_0626 AppletiniPhotography1_0627 AppletiniPhotography1_0630 AppletiniPhotography1_0631 AppletiniPhotography1_0628 AppletiniPhotography1_0629 AppletiniPhotography1_0634

Pretty freakin’ adorable, right????

And I will report… She LOVED LOVED LOVED her first class.  Every day since she has asked if today is the day she goes to ballet.   Today I get to say YES!!!!