Develop Your Photography Skills

Develop Your Photography Skills

Develop Your Photography SkillsHow the heck did you figure out that EYE-SO thingy??  You mean ISO??  Well honey it took a lot of reading and thousands and thousands of frames but finally it all clicked 😉

Naturally I get asked a lot of questions about photography and I don’t mind one bit.  In fact I think it is important to share what you know and help others grow.  Photography is such an amazing craft and I am always happy to pass my photography knowledge to anyone wanting to develop their photography skills.  My photography skills come from years of learning.  I have been reading blogs, watching youtube videos, following blogs, attending workshops…lots of workshops, Facebook groups, working with other professionals and soaking up photography knowledge for years. I fell in love with creating images and still, I learn every time I take my camera out.  Its not hard to learn photography it just takes a lot of patience and frames to develop your photography skills.

There really are no shortcuts in photography, as you develop your photography skills you start to yearn for more and more.  You want to create that image exactly as you see it in your head.  Your child pays with those little trains and that emotion, you daughter dancing around in her Elisa costume, your husband and baby sleeping on the couch with a peek of light coming through… you just have to have it.  If you know exactly what I’m talking about and want more below are some of my favorite resources for learning photography.  Explore, Learn, Click and Have Fun!   Since I love capturing children most are tailored to Mom’s and Momography.

Me Ra Koh – I have seem her speak at a few trade shows and followed her for years and adore her books and videos.  Her family is currently traveling the world filming a show which is just fabulous.

Click It Up A Notch – I love this site to pieces.  Courtney really has a way of explaining things and laying out her content that just makes complete sense to me.  Her tips for capturing children are great and her kids are just adorable which add a cherry to the top of her super helpful tutorials.

Clickin Moms’ – This site is all things Momography!  And so much more.  Clickin Moms’ is encouraging women everywhere to take control of their camera and document their growing families.  They have an incredible blend of professional photographers and Moms wanting to learn and have great online classes.


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Got any great resources for tips that you would like to share?  Leave some love in the comment box below and get the conversation started!

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