EmotiEGGS – Plastic Easter Egg Activity

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EmotiEGGS – Plastic Easter Egg Activity

Am I too late?  Have you already packed up your plastic Easter eggs?

I hope not!

Let’s reuse those colorful little eggs.  I did!  It was fun, super easy, and the best part… kept my 3 year old busy for 45 minutes.  In kid-time, that’s almost an eternity!!!


I saw this idea over at Laughing Kids Learn and couldn’t wait to make my own ‘EmotiEGGS’.

This is a fabulous activity for so many reasons.

  1. It’s fun
  2. It’s silly
  3. It’s easy
  4. It’s great for teaching and discussing emotions.
  5. It’s good practice for those fine motor skills.  **WARNING**  Snapping those eggs together can be tricky and frustrating. (insert frustrated EmotiEGG)

The only thing you really need, besides some plastic eggs is a permanent marker.


Grab a Sharpie and draw a set of eyes on the top half of the egg and a mouth on the bottom.  Try to illustrate a different emotion on each egg.

Happy.  Sad.  Mad.  Excited.  Surprised.  Frustrated.


You can then take turns picking eggs and trying to describe the different emotions.  Talk about what makes you feel happy, sad, etc.  Talk about how you handle those feelings.

Then, mix the faces up.  Make them silly.


You could make up a scenario and have your child make an egg to match.

You could take turns mimicking the eggs.  ( This was my Little Monster’s favorite!!)


There are really SOOO many different ways to use these EmotiEGGS.  Get creative and just play around.  It really is a great way to teach and talk to your children about emotions.

I know my little darling sometimes struggles with her feelings and how to control them.  I thought this was a fun and silly way to talk about it.  It was so easy and we really had a great time.  I’d suggest any parent giving this simple DIY teaching tool a try.


Have a happy one!



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