You know what they say, “Life is tworiffic with twins”! Well unless you’re new parents at 3am. HAHAHA.  Newborns twins really are twice as fun! Heather and I always get a little nervous with twins, I mean we can calm one baby pretty well and if you’ve even seen us work we have a tag team method that puts most babies right to sleepy town. With these two twin newborn beauties all of that nervousness was for nothing because they sleep…literally…like babies the whole time. There were just the sweetest little girls ever. We could have held them all day and I loved how much they already love each other. It seems like every time we put them close their arms would just fall onto each other. Being born with a best friend is so special.

We were so happy to be able to capture these adorable newborn images for this beautiful family! Congratulations!!

2014-04-28_0001 2014-04-28_0002 2014-04-28_0003 2014-04-28_0004 2014-04-28_0005 2014-04-28_0006 2014-04-28_0007 2014-04-28_0008 2014-04-28_0009 2014-04-28_0010 2014-04-28_0011