Today I went to my first virtual shower!  The parents to be live in Michigan so they had a baby shower there with friends while their PA friends and family gathered for a shower in Levittown .  Using Skype, a video camera and a projector we brought the two parties together.   It was pretty awesome. 

Keri, the Mom to be is my BFF Heather’s sister in law so I got to help with the decorations.  Party planning and decorations is really high on my list of things that I love.  When Heather and I join forces we have been known to decoration one hell of a party!  Keri’s shower was no exception.  Heather had a the idea to do pinwheels and airplanes so we got some scrapbook paper and went to work.

I’ll post some of these projects and the instructions later this week but for now, here’s a preview!