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Headshots & Personal Branding | Yardley, PA

What is Personal Brand Imagery anyway?  It’s not really something that is defined, it’s more of a mood, a vibe, some perceived feeling clients get when they view your products, platform, and ultimately your cash register.  It’s the way you visually tell your story.

Personal Brand Imagery can make the difference in getting noticed in a busy, fast-paced market.  These days, we shop with our eyes!  Building a portfolio of quality imagery to help define your brand is a key asset to your business.

My degree is in marketing… actually, it’s how I found photography.  Back in 2006 I started working for a professional print lab in the marketing department and fell in love with photography.

I still love marketing.

Take one look around my social media or site and I think it is clear to see.  I think branding is so important in today’s social media drenched society.  The most successful brands to stay true to their message, stay consistent, and command daily attention.  I know diving into your online brand can be scary but I am full of ideas and here to help!  Together, we’ll capture images that help you sell and deliver your brand message.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” -Jeff Bezos
Brand Imagery | Appletini Photography

Proper branding helps influence the way people feel about you, the way people feel about your message, and ultimately feel about your product.  Whether you are selling a unique service, houses, or an MLM you need to build trust – fast.  As consumers we are presented with choices all day long, we want to work with people we know not just faceless companies shoving stuff at us.  Personal Brand Imagery helps you build that connection by letting people into your world through visual storytelling.

During your consultation, we will come up with the story of your brand.  You may already have this down which is great but if not, I’m here to help.  Let’s say you’re a Mom and a coach and a fitness guru you need a carefully curated set of images that help you tell that story.  Instead of coming up with a new post every day to tell the story of your business, you’ll already own a portfolio of images that you can pull from, add in your marketing copy, and be done – on to the rest of your to-do list.

Personal Brand Imagery | Appletini Photography

In this social media climate, we need a way to connect quickly with potential clients and give them insight into our personalities and the reason behind the passion.  We need them to stop and listen.  High-quality personal brand imagery does just that.

    • Social Media – especially your profile pictures and daily post. Having high-quality imagery has proven results.

    • Website – clients like to buy from humans. Add personal brand imagery into your sales, about, and landing pages.

    • Press Releases – launching something excited?! A press release is a lot to read through, get to the point with great imagery.

    • Newsletters – your clients want to hear from you but also receive a lot of messages every day. Help cut through the fluff with beautiful imagery.

    • Marketing materials – like I said above people like to purchase from humans, add Personal Branding images to your printed marketing pieces like business cards, tri-folds, and brochures.

    • Product Images – show what you sell, show clients how to use your products/services and show how YOUR PRODUCT fits into their lifestyle.

How it Works

Consultation – Give us a call at 267-400-0010 or send an email to tiff@appletiniphotography.com.  We would love to hear your ideas for the session.  Have no clue?!?!  No problem!  Did I mention I have a degree in Marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 10 years’ experience and an absolutely passion for telling brand stories.  One this call we’ll also decide a time and date that works best.

Session – I’ll come prepare with a concept list so we can get through as many sets of images as possible.  You bring to get the outfits and products and I’ll bring the vision and artistry.  We’ll have fun and create images that help your brand shine.  There is no rushing and we’ll have plenty of time to create a set of images that tell your clients exactly what your brand is all about. 

Download & Market – Images are delivered fully edited on a password protected website in high resolution.  You are able to download them to as many devices as you wish.  Some images will include negative space so you can add your own text or promotional details.  You own these images and have full permission to edit, crop and add all the text your brand desires. 

Repeat – Having a current portfolio of images is critical to your social media presents.  Come back for repeat session as we continue to tell your story and share your passion.  Bucks County is very seasonal and I recommend coming back once a quarter to create a bank of images that will work year-round.  Each session will be unique and we’ll work together to tell your story or update your story each session.



Headshots | Appletini Photography

Headshot – $149

The session takes place in my Yardley Studio and includes 1 or 2 outfits.  The session takes about 20 minutes and yields 5 fully retouched images.  We highly recommend one “professional” headshot that can be used as profile images and one “branding” headshot that shows off what you do that can be used in social media posts.  Environmental headshots are captured outside of our studio or for a $35 travel fee.  Have a large group?  Contact us for custom pricing!

Branding | Appletini Photography

Petite Story Session – $249

Tell the story of your brand.  Let’s say you’re a real estate agent, sure you need a great headshot but you also need to tell the story of how passionate you are about homes.  We’ll create a series of images that tell that story – a great headshot and images of you in and around homes.  This session takes about 30-45 minutes, includes an outfit change, and yields 12+ images.  The session can take place in my Yardley, PA studio, or within 15 miles of 19067.

Personal Brand Imagery | Appletini Photography

Full Story Session – $499

In today’s social media presence people want to know who they are buying from.  In this session, we’ll come up with 3 stories to tell so your potential clients can really get to know you.  Let’s say you’re a Mom, coach, and fitness guru.  We’ll create a series of images (about 15 per story) that convey those messages.   This session takes about 60-90 minutes, includes 2-3 outfit changes, and yields 45+ images.  The session can take place in my Yardley, PA studio, or within 15 miles of 19067.

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