NYC Bachelorette Party

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NYC Bachelorette Party

AppletiniPhotography1_0165I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we celebrated Tiffany’s bachelorette party.  I also can’t believe we haven’t featured it here on Appletini yet!  Since we reviewed her Ireland Destination Wedding last week and everyone loves to see great bachelorette party, this was the perfect time to share.

This was not your ordinary bachelorette party.  Come on, you know we don’t do ordinary.  If it’s not over-the-top it’s just not worth doin’!  😉

To celebrate our darling Tiffany we threw her a bachelorette party in New York City!  We rented an AMAZING 8 Bedroom Villa in Staten Island, New York for a whole weekend and ran with it.  Our theme was “Big Pimpin’ in the Milla Villa”!  In the words of JAY-Z, we were “big pimpin’ up in NYC”!

We partied like rock stars, drank from our “pimp cups”, hung by our private pool, played in our billiard room, wore our exclusive “pimp passes” (that came in our invitations)  and spoiled the ish outta’ our bachelorette!

The only thing Tiff requested for the weekend was that she wanted to have a “Last Fro-Down”!  I won’t get into that today, you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see exactly what that means, ( I promise you, you won’t want to miss it) but you will catch a glimpse or two of an afro in the pictures below.  Just wanted to give you a quick explanation about what that might be about 😉 !

Our “Millz Billz”!  We made it “rain” all weekend with these!  HAHA!
Here comes our bachelorette!!!  Tiffany had no idea what we were doing or where we were going.  Before we hit the neighborhood we blindfolded her for an even more dramatic arrival!!
Boas, Pimp Cups and “I fro NY” t-shirts for everyone…
Tiff’s boa was a little outrageous! But she was the main Pimpette, so she deserved to rock it!  You can also kinda see her Pimp Pass she’s sporting around her neck.  This was when she first entered her villa… I think she liked it!! …AppletiniPhotography1_0152
The Master suite…

… See what I mean about making it “rain” !! 😉

That is all the festivities I can show you in today’s post.  BUT tomorrow’s is pretty awesome.  Come visit us then to see how we spent our evening out on the town.  It’s FROtastic… I promise!!!

see ya tomorrow,

xx Heather

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