DIY Crayon Art

DIY Crayon Art


Yeaterday I shared Hadley’s Colorful Birthday Party and told you I’d show you how I made one of our activities… DIY CRAYON ART!!  Well, today’s the day!! 😉


2013-04-05_011You will need:

  • crayons (of course)
  • canvas
  • hot glue gun
  • hair dryer


First, pick out the colors you’d like to use!


Arrange them in the order you’d like them to be.  I’d make sure you have enough to stretch across your canvas before gluing.


Hot glue them to your canvas…


Now for the fun!!  Grab your hair dryer and begin to melt those crayons!! It takes some time to get them warm enough to start dripping but have some patience, my friend.  Once they begin to melt the drippy process speeds up!


Be amazed with the first drips that form!  It’s pretty exiting!  Go-ahead… jump up and down!  Your friends will only laugh for a minute!


While you are blow drying, try to keep the dryer pointed downward.  Unless you want to spray the colors in different directions… in that case,  go crazy!


Continue melting the crayons until you get a result you like.  You can try to create a “drippy” effect like this…

2013-04-05_008 - Copy

Or go melt-crazy and cover the entire canvas in color…


I think I prefer the “drippy” look but once it was started my inner craft demon made me melt every last crayon until only it’s empty wrapper remained.

I have plans to do this project again.  There are so many ways to recreate it.  Wait until you see what Crayola Art I create NEXT!! 😉

How would YOU do it??



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