Bachelorette Party Theme: The Last Fro-Down

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Bachelorette Party Theme: The Last Fro-Down

That’s right THE LAST FRO-DOWN!!!!  I told you in yesterday’s post it was the only thing Tiffany requested for her bachelorette party.  She wanted us all to wear afros and FRO IT DOWN!  Awesome, right?!!  Such a fun bachelorette party idea!!!  And when I say FUN… I mean it was, I quote the bachelorette… “AMAZEBALLS”!!

Here she is!!  What a beatiFRO bachelorette!  I kept calling her AFROdite!  Doesn’t she look like a Greek Goddess??!!
Fros, Fros, and more Fros….
After we warmed our afros up at the villa, we hopped in the Limo bus we rented.  Hmmm…. where are we going??  Tiff had NO idea!!

OH YES WE DID!!!  We took our bachelorette and all our Fros to LIPS for a dose of Drag Queens and dinner!!!!AppletiniPhotography1_0167

These girls sure know how to party and put on a show!  They loved Tiff and all her Frotastic friends!
Tiff got to celebrate on stage with some other bachelorettes.
After we left Lips we took our party bus and closed down a bar somewhere in NYC!  Who knows WHERE we were but it was SOME party!!!  FRO REAL!!!!

Tiffany darling!  Thanks for giving us someone so special to celebrate and for introducing us to our inner AFRO-Divas!  This Fro-Down was one of THE most amazing parties we have ever had.  Which says ALOT because as you and I both know… All of our parties ROCK!

I love ya girl!  So glad we got to FRO IT DOWN!!!



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