If you have been following my blog for a while you mostly likely know Sophia, my little star, well Sophia is getting a little sister and could not be more excited!

My Mom, Amy and I threw my expecting sister Holly a baby sprinkle.  For those of you asking…what the heck is a baby sprinkle?  Hahaha I had the same questions but its brilliant.  For the first baby the Mom-to-be is “showered” with baby gifts and for the next baby there is a sprinkle, a lite get together and sprinkle of love to help the Mom-to-be prepare.  I love to throw parties and was really excited to throw my sister Holly a brunch sprinkle.  Having 12 amazing women for brunch and to sprinkle my sister with love?  Yes please!!  It was a great morning full of laughter (naturally with my crew) and love.

Before we get to the party, I wanted to share my projects.  I really wanted to use as many things as I already had.  I had the idea of rain clouds since it was a “sprinkle” and the craft projects started flowing from there.  The baby’s room is purple, teal and green which just so happens to be some of my favorite colors so I had plenty of stuff to work with.  6 quick craft projects that took about 60-90 minutes to complete set this party off!!


  1. I am a photographer so just about every party I throw has some sort of photo project, I just can’t help myself.  Since I have all of big sister Sophia birthday images I thought they would be fun to display along with a frame reserved for Camille, the new addition.  I had the frames and prints already so I made up a graphic for Camille’s frame and put it all together.  The frames worked perfectly with my cupcake display.AppletiniPhotography_2005
  2. Can’t have a sprinkle without the clouds right?  I made “Baby Momma” punch which was non-alcoholic of course and had these cute cloud straws to go with it.  I already had the straws and used computer paper 😉 AppletiniPhotography_2006
  3. If it’s going to rain you better have an umbrella.  Do you have things in your craft closet that you think I am never going to use that but imma keep it anyway?  These umbrella are those items for me, I have no idea where the lace came from but I got the green one for my bridesmaids and this one had a little rip so they sent me a new one.  Glad I was able to use it!! At the craft store I picked up matching ribbon and some baby blocks and rattles to dress them up a bit.  AppletiniPhotography_2007
  4. Cupcake flags.  I made a quick graphic, printed it on my home printer and used some scrap book paper to mount them.   I almost made the cupcakes but saw these beauties at the store all covered in icing and screaming “this will save you time” and they were right…and delicious! AppletiniPhotography_2009
  5. Bun in the oven favor – this is such a simple and clever project.  I had a few boxes left over from this project.  I bought some sticky buns and made a tag that read “Thank you for celebrating Holly’s BUN in the oven.  These made adorable little favors. AppletiniPhotography_2010
  6. You can’t have a sprinkle without clouds and sprinkles.  I have great ceilings in my living room and every party I throw I am always trying to think of something fun to hang.  I used white poms and rain drops that I cut out of glitter paper to create the rain storm.  It was super cute.  You can, and I have made poms out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners but I found these on the sale rack and through I would give the store ones a try.  I paid $7 for 5 poms and would do it again in a heartbeat, these worked out great and saved a lot of time.  I hung everything with clear fishing line. AppletiniPhotography_2008

On to the party…AppletiniPhotography_2011

The brunch was spot on!  My sister Amy, Pampered Chef consultant and I came up with an amazing menu to serve up.  We served bagels, croissants, had a waffles station, mini omelets and fresh fruit…all things I love.  My next party might have to be a brunch repeat.  😉

AppletiniPhotography_2012 AppletiniPhotography_2013

I love this image.  Cheryl was asking Sophia if she thinks a puppy is in there.  Hahahahaha she was cracking up, which was causing us to crack up…it was so cute.


Told you this is the summer of babies, I spy with my little eye 3 new babies….can’t wait!!!

I also spy with my little eye, my Momma!


This is me getting soaked by all the sprinkle…hahahahaha I’m so goofy sometimes.


I always tell people my nieces and nephews are my toughest customers because they know all of my tricks.  Well the first picture is me asking Sophes to take a nice picture and the second happened after her Mom whispered “Aunt Tiff has candy”

Hahahahahahahahahahaha….we just love this kid to pieces!!!



Xoxoxoxoxox Holly!  I am so excited for you & Pete and I just can’t wait to meet Ms. Camille!  Aunt Tiff is ready for her snuggle!!  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo