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Tiffany Wichert | Chief Photographer & Owner of Appletini Photography

Captured by Cheyenne Gil Studios

Captured by Cheyenne Gil Studios

Hello, I’m Tiffany Wichert. The photographer, blogger, wife, mom, daughter, best friend, DIYer, pinnaholic, instagrammer, and lover of all things beautiful. That was a mouthful…I also LOVE a good run-on sentence.

I have captured images since I got my first my little pony camera when I was seven. I have always loved photographing laughter, capturing an image that reflects a person’s true spirit, and documenting all of the special moments in my family’s life.

In 2006, I started working for a professional print lab, and my passion exploded from there. Being able to live and breathe photography was such a blessing.

In 2008, my nephew Mikey was born, and although I had taken 100s of pictures of his older sisters, there was something special about the images I captured of him. I remember photographing Mikey on his first birthday, and that is when I realized that this was where my true passion was. I could see his little personality in those photos, and something just clicked.

Then came Sophia {my super adorable niece}, and after her newborn session, I realized I had to start creating portraits professionally, taking my hobby and turning it into my life’s work.

Hadley shortly followed {my best friend’s super adorable daughter}, and I knew I was meant to capture adorable images of babies, kids, and families that would be forever adored.

In 2013, I was blessed to take my business full-time and haven’t looked back since. My favorite expression is, “Always dream BIG!” Having the opportunity to carry out my BIG dreams is oxygen to the soul.

Pictured below are Mikey, Sophia, and Hadley.

Tiffany Wichert - Owner of Appletini Photography

I am happily married and crazy in love with my husband David. He is my rock and the person who pushes me toward those BIG dreams a little more each day. Back is 2012, we had an Ireland destination wedding that was simply magical! I loved every second of that trip and often daydream of the lush green hills of Ireland, exchanging vows in a candlelit chapel, and the world’s best potato soup (especially in the winter months).

David and I are some traveling fools, yearly travel was written into our wedding vows! Every year, we find the time to disconnect, travel, and just be the best version of ourselves. It is one of our best habits! At any given time, I am usually saving for, planning for, or packing my suitcase for the next trip.

Tiffany Wichert - Owner of Appletini Photography

Captured by Perfect Pear Photo

We are Resource Parents (which is the new term for foster parents).  We have 2 children that have been with us since October 2018 who we just adore!  Oh, getting to live life again through a child’s eye is seriously THE BEST.  I love being a Mom, it’s a tough job but one of life’s most rewarding jobs.  Our kids are adventurous, inquisitive, brilliant, and just sweet little souls.  We are on the path to adoption but it’s quite the journey.  I don’t speak about our case specifics but if you ever have a question about the foster care process or adoption in Bucks County, I have a lot of knowledge and resources to share.

Captured by Devon Anne Photography

Captured by Devon Anne Photography

Charles and Vinny are the official mascots here at Appletini!  I spoil “the twins” rotten, and luckily my husband and kids don’t get too jealous! If I am ever late delivering an email, there is a good chance Charles is sitting on my keyboard, purring and Vinny is begging to be fed.  Follow their hashtag on Instagram, for purrrfect updates!  #CharlesandVinny  Charles on the left and Vin on the right.Charles and Vivian


My style is adorable, yes that’s right…adorable. I love creating images that are adorable and give people the warm and fuzzies. My images connect to and stick with people. I love capturing real-life and true emotions– whether it’s a giggling child playing in the park, the beautiful glow on an expecting mom, or seeing the toughest guys melt when holding their little princess. Family is life’s greatest blessing, and capturing these moments on camera is a blessing of mine that I am thankful for every day.

A photograph never grows up!

That’s my motto! It’s important to capture our lives as they are now because before we know it, we grow and change. Not only do I capture emotion in my photographs, but I get all of the little details of your lives too. The sweet little hat your toddler wore the entire summer, the blanket that your little one dragged everywhere, the playful smirk your child made when he started to warm up to others. Your babies are only young once. Yet, pictures give us the power to freeze a moment in time. There is nothing better than digging into the family photo box and reliving past memories. Thinking it’s time to make some memories before they grow? Contact me 🙂 I assure you, my photographs never grow up.


Where the heck did the name Appletini come from?

Great question! While I do believe that sometimes life is served better with a cocktail, there is actually a better story.  Back in 2004, while in hot pursuit of my marketing degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (class of 2004 woot woot!), I was a part of a marketing competition to develop a start-up business. We had to create a company, complete with a marketing plan, branding, and a budget. Well, I often doodled in my notebooks and drew little Appletini glasses, so the company I created was Appletini Stationery. Would you believe I won the whole competition?! I even created custom stationery and gave a sample to everyone. Hands down, it was one of my proudest college moments. Years later, when creating my photography business, naturally Appletini came back to me…and the rest is history. Martini glasses are pretty cute, and green is one of my favorite colors – so I think I made a pretty good choice!

Dad – I promise I didn’t doodle in every class! All of these doodles were created in my business law class. Obviously, not my favorite course, but the hour-long doodle sessions were amazing 😉

IUP graduate - Appletini Photography





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