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Hey you!  Welcome!  I’m Heather, the resident blogger at Appletini Photography!  I am a self proclaimed SuperMOM who enjoys coffee, blogging, party planning, more coffee and anything DIY!  I am married to SuperDAD and have 2 SuperKIDSLittle Miss Monster is 3 and Baby Bug is 7 months.

When I’m not wearing my SuperMOM cape or battling my coffee addiction,  you can find me on the blog connecting with other Moms.  Over at Momma’s Corner you can read about the good, the bad, and the funny of my adventures in party planning, DIY, and Mommyhood.

I have been a party planning, craft-a-holic for about 5 years now.  In the beginning my love of all things crafty began when I threw my first baby shower.  When I look back on it, the party was really nothing to brag about. I had no clue what I was doing, but I loved it!  Loved every ounce of prep and watching every detail come together.  From the hanging the poms I DIYed to the sweet little bun-in-the-oven favors I whipped up.  Now I know I said it was “nothing to brag about” …but the guests, they all thought it was fabulous.  I even got a “that was the best shower I’ve ever been to”! With the rave reviews I was getting I knew I was on to something!  It felt fantastic throwing a party that would be remembered and cherished for years to come!

I have been a party planning fool ever since.  Here are a few of my faves:

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And while I’m showing off a bit, here are some of my DIYs:

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So how did I get here?

Let me start by saying Tiffany and I have been best gal pals since the seventh grade.  From early on we have been an unstoppable team.  And, when you make a team like we do, there are some things written in the fine print.  Like, when there is a baby shower to throw, you help out!  That’s right, from that first baby shower 5 years ago Tiff has been there.  In fact, she can craft and throw one helluva party herself, as I’m sure you are aware. Together, we have thrown baby showers, bachelorette parties,  bridal showers, birthday parties, and even helped with a few weddings.   With every event, the crafts get craftier and the parties, even more awesome!  We live, learn and become more fabulous every time!  Like I said… We are an awesome team!!

So awesome, that when Tiffany asked me to join Appletini, I wasn’t totally surprised.  Honored, ABSOLUTELY… but surprised, not so much.  We have always talked about working together.  She and I seem to bring out each other’s fabness.  When we work together, you can expect incredible results!

I am growing as a Momographer and love taking images – especially of my daughters, Monster and Bug.  Both are absolutely gorgeous just like their Momma. 😉 As they grow so has my eye for capturing them. I also LOVE capturing all of my details and crafts from the events that I plan. I’ve become pretty good and getting all those awesome shots about 30 seconds before the guests arrive. Most of the photography here at Appletini will be taken by Tiff but who knows, maybe I will learn some things from the master.

I have been a blogger for three years now.  I love it and am excited to start blogging for Appletini.  So I will be seeing you over at the blog and Momma’s Corner. Make sure you swing by and leave some love! I will also be helping Tiffany on shoots, in the office and Baby Boutique. I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to be working side by side with my best friend.  Seriously, who gets that lucky?  It’s like a dream come true! I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to see where all the hard work takes us!

P.S.  Ever wonder who these STUNNING children belong too?  Yep – they are all mine…and my husbands, of course!



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