Last Minute Halloween Costumes

By | 2020-10-30T13:17:07-05:00 October 30th, 2020|Appletini Photography, Blog, DIY Projects, Genna|

Did you completely forget that Halloween is this weekend? Yea me too. If you are a mom searching for a last-minute Halloween costume for your kid/kids, then this is the blog post for you. I came up with a list of costumes that can be made from stuff that you may already have in your [...]

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The bright side of 2020

By | 2020-10-22T17:02:18-05:00 October 22nd, 2020|Appletini Photography, Blog, Genna|

 2020 has been a shit show to say the least. From the great Kobe Bryant passing to COVID-19 and all the things that came in between. Everyone keeps saying “I can’t wait for 2021”, and I was saying that too until someone asked me “If you could go back to before quarantine and have that [...]

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