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I love weddings.  I really LOVE weddings!! I love brides and planning and invitations and table settings and bridesmaids and favors and table cards and clever typography and wedding cake and spending hours looking at wedding photography, I pretty much love anything wedding.  I have been in a total of 10 weddings and I love, LOVE!  I have been reading wedding blogs for years and am a former Ireland Destination Bride myself.  My Ireland wedding was a dream come true followed up with a home reception that happen in March of 2013.  For the 2 years I spent planning it I was in Bliss.  Pinning, Crafting, Dreaming, Planning and on and on and on.  All brides can relate.  It was a great time in my life that I will always cherish.

When I took my business full time back in April of 2013 I had captured about 7 weddings and although I loved it I decided to focus on portraits and really get my workflow and style.  I booked 2 weddings in the summer of 2013 and was a second shooter for another 3.  Honestly I needed the income and like an addict with a bad habit I was back!  I started stalking wedding blogs again, Say Yes to the Dress found its way back into my DVR and I realized I just love it.

I love weddings and getting to spend the day with the bride.  I love capturing the love between the bride and groom, I often sob during the wedding vows and I love being around all of the happiness that comes from the celebration of a wedding.  I love capturing all the little details and decisions the couple made so that it will be forever documented.  I love capturing amazing portraits and creating albums that I know will be looked at for years to come.  I could go on forever.

Let’s chat about your wedding plans!  We can set up a phone appointment or join me for a cup of coffee.  I love meeting with brides and grooms to cover the details of the day.  I believe that great wedding photography starts with the bond between client and photographer.  I specialize in small weddings, usually under 100 people and with my background in portraits shine when it is time to capture amazing portraits.


Want to learn more  details about packages and pricing???  Send me an email Tiff at appletiniphotography dot com


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