Triple the Love | Tuesdays with Tiff

Triple the Love | Tuesdays with Tiff

Today’s Tuesdays with Tiff  is short but extra sweet!  This past week I photographed 5 babies in 3 sessions.  One set happened to be…


I have wanted to photograph newborn triplets for sometime now.  Last fall at Autumn Fest in Yardley I met the sweetest grandparents that were preparing for triplets and I was hoping they would contact me.  3 babies, what a blessing!  I love how multiples interact with each other even as little as newborn.  They natural lean into each other, hold each others hand and don’t flinch when there sibling is crying 😉  The bond is so present and its such a miracle.  I hit it off with a lot of people but I really enjoyed working with this family, the excitement and joy was beautiful to witness.  You never know who you will meet at a community event and I am so glad they stopped by my booth, these babies were absolute angels to work with!

Happy Tuesday,

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