It’s fall portrait time and I always get the question…what should we wear?  Well I started to make my own fall vision board but then I checked out Pinterest and there is a lot of Fall Fashion boards going on over there so I thought I would gather them up and save you some time. 

Click here to see my entire Fall Fashion Pinterest board.

First and foremost we have got to have Mom looking good and since my blog readers are 93% female I can say that because it’s the truth and I know my audience 😉  If Momma don’t look good then we ain’t takin photos…LOL.  I would start with your outfit and build the rest of the family around you.   I think the key to dressing your family for portraits is a great color palette but nothing too complex, outfits that coordinate but not everyone in the same shirt and fashion that represents your family’s fun side. 

Here are some of my favorites….  let’s start with the ladies, I could yes to any of these outfits! 



This is just awesome…