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Christine & Steve’s Wedding

By | October 7th, 2011|Blog, My Life|

Christine & Steve had a beautiful wedding full of life, love, laughter and willow trees.  Tini was a stunning girl was working it in her bridal attire.  She had that bridal glow!  I didn't really get to take to many pictures with all my bridesmaid duties but here is a quick recap which ends [...]

Bridal Shower Invitation

By | July 29th, 2011|Blog, Custom Cards, DIY Projects, Event Photography, My Friends|

This past weekend me and the gals throw another amazing bridal shower for our girl Tini. It all started with these invitations! I had a few people tell me at the shower that they never attend showers but after getting this invitation they couldn’t miss it, that is exactly what I was going for and [...]

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By | April 17th, 2011|Blog, Children's Photography|

Remember how Jax was up late for game night?  Because he was hanging with Hadley ;)  neither of them were tired but both were as cute as can be. Oh she's so cute I could eat her up!

Happy Valentine’s Day

By | February 14th, 2011|Baby Photography, Blog|

I love all of my family, friends and loyal blog readers.  Thank you for all the love you give to me!  Whether your single or not don't forget to show yourself some love deserve it! And what's Valentines Day without a little ohhh and awww.  These girls are sooooo darn cute!

Airplanes and Pinwheels

By | January 8th, 2011|Blog, Event Photography|

Today I went to my first virtual shower!  The parents to be live in Michigan so they had a baby shower there with friends while their PA friends and family gathered for a shower in Levittown .  Using Skype, a video camera and a projector we brought the two parties together.   It was pretty awesome.  [...]

Photo Forty Six – Birdlady

By | November 19th, 2010|Blog, My Friends, Photo of the Day|

You may know her as Erin or Ern but to me she'll always be {insert "Birdlady" noise} ...Birdlady. ;)  Today is her birthday and I wish her nothing short of a FABOLOUS day.  love you girl! Hap...Hap...HAPPY BIRTHDAY