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Is displaying art next on your list?

  • Schedule portrait session…check
  • Get hair done…check
  • Coordinate outfits…check
  • Attend super fun portrait session…check
  • View your adorable images…check

Now what? We know you did not go through all of those checkmarks just for some adorable Facebook images, right We love online sharing, but we cannot pass down USB drives to our grandkids! That would be like our Grammys handing us floppy discs…remember those?

Images are meant to be printed, displayed, and enjoyed.

It’s time to print something for the walls. At Appletini Photography, we want to be more than the photographers who capture your images. We want to be the ones who help you print a beautiful display of cherished memories for your home– pictures that you look at every day, reminding you of your blessings.

“Each day I look at the beautiful display below, and I am reminded how blessed I am. The wonderful thing about displaying photography is that one little glimpse can take you right back to that moment in your life. Images are meant to be printed, displayed, and enjoyed.”   -Tiff

 Wall Art | Appletini Photography
{Tiffany and her husband David love the Jonagold collection that they have above their dining table. For this gallery, Tiffany mixed a metal print (middle) with two canvas prints. We love the results, don’t you?}

Wall art is an investment that decorates your home and is cherished for years.

We have found that our clients love printing images but are often hesitant to select and display art. They enjoy having the digital images but freeze at the thought of putting photographs above their sofas. That’s where Tina comes in. With an interior design background, she has a great eye for style and knows all of the rules of design, such as just how wide a gallery of photos over a 60” sofa should be. With Tiffany capturing the images and Tina helping with design, you are bound to be delighted with your finished pieces.

At Appletini Photography, we strive to create specialty wall displays to suit your taste and style. We are here to capture your sweet newborn, the adorable grin on your toddler’s face, or your beautiful pregnant glow. We love taking images, helping select photos, and designing artwork for your home. After all, these photographs are heirlooms for you and your family.

Based on client input, we have five wall collections, available in four print finishes, and a full a la carte menu. Interested in a custom display for an unique area of your home? We LOVE special display projects. During your ordering appointment, we will discuss the finish you like best and the images that will work best for your chosen display. Then, we will get your selected products into production!


1PrintsAlready have the perfect frames? Take a look at our wide selection of large-scale Fuji Professional Prints! Our large prints make for beautiful galleries or stand-alone pieces.   Read More
2canvasTurn your portraits into showcased art. Printed on REAL canvas that is stretched on a wooden frame, these gorgeous canvas prints turn your images into true home décor.  Read More
3metalLooking for a show-stopper? Printing on metal takes an image’s color and vibrancy to a whole new level, as metal pieces are naturally more luminous than a paper print could ever be.  Read More
4framesNot interested in the standard picture frame? We offer uniquely framed prints, in a range of fun colors and designs. These modern frames are custom to your individual taste and style.  Read More


A well-arranged collection of images can really make an impact in your home. Therefore, we have partnered with an interior designer that has built five collections of popular sizes and styles. These collections make the perfect wall arrangements, taking all of the guess work out. Each collection is available in the four different print options that we offer, and you are welcome to select one finish for all, or mix and match.

If you are looking to create something unique, we would love to help you build your own collection from our a la carte menu! Tina, our design pro, is amazing at helping clients create exactly what they have in mind.



Based on your style, Appletini’s wall collections range from $300 to $3000. Pricing is based on the finish types described above. We have a variety of products, prints, canvas, metal, boutique frames, that are affordable for every budget.

Wall Art | Appletini Photography


Appletini Photography only sells products printed with art produced by Appletini Photography.  We cannot print another artist’s work.  Prices and product offerings are subject to change without notice.