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Print Sets

Print sets and gifts are a great way to both give and keep images from your event or session. These days we live in the digital age, where printed pictures and family photo albums have unfortunately become a thing of the past. At Appletini Photography, we are passionate about keeping the family photo box alive. There’s something special about giving someone a box filled with a beautiful set of images, just as there is something magical about going through albums and boxes of old family photos. Let us help you keep the family photo box alive. After all, there wouldn’t be a #throwbackthursday without the printed picture.

As wonderful as USB drives can be, passing down a USB drive to your grandkids would be like our Grandmas giving us a floppy disc, remember those? You can, however, pass down the printed picture. Our vibrant, fadeless images are meant to be easily enjoyed for years to come. That’s why our print sets and gifts are extra special.

First things first, because of our passion for keeping the family photo box alive, ALL portrait sessions include one set of 4×6 prints.* One of our favorite things to deliver, they are included in the price of your session fee. This pretty little box will be ready for you at your image review session.

We have quickly learned that people LOVE this set of prints. Tiffany receives more love mail then we can count, thanking her for the special box brimming with pictures. Why, you may ask? Because people tend to forget just how beautiful a set of prints can be, and our little package serves as a quick reminder. We have found that a lot of people want another box for grandparents or for each child to have when they an adult. We have even filled print boxes for brides as a thank you to their dedicated bridesmaids.

You can order a duplicate set of 4×6 prints OR upgrade your set of prints to 5×7 prints to a custom box, with or without a custom USB drive.


Print Set Options

Listed below are the options we have available for our print sets. After your session, you will be given a full product and pricing catalog, but to give you an idea, pricing for print sets start at $150.

  • Additional Set of 4×6 prints
  • Custom 5×7 box with 50 images
  • Custom 5×7 box with 50 images and custom USB
  • Custom 5×7 box with 100 images
  • Custom 5×7 box with 100 images and custom USB


USB Drives

Almost every session captured at Appletini Photography includes the delivery of digital files. These files are placed on a password-protected website for you to download to the device of your choice. Digital delivery is the new “cd” of images” and is included with most session fees.

In addition to the files, we also offer custom USB drives so clients can archive their images for a lifetime. Our custom 16GB USB drive provides a unique way to store your images. These drives include all images from your session, and as a personal touch, a custom image is printed directly on the front of the drive.

Our favorite aspect of our custom USB drives is that you can purchase one with your little one’s newborn session and continue to fill its remaining space with his or her first year images as well as future family portraits. It is great to have all of your professionally captured family memories in one place. This USB can be stored forever, just be sure to keep it in your fireproof safe.

We just ask one thing of you 🙂 Remember that USB drives do not replace the printed image.


USB Drive Options

For those of you interested in digitally-archiving your session images, listed below is our go-to USB drive. Pricing starts at $150. Full product and pricing details are available in the catalog received at your photography session.

  • 16GB USB

Gift Prints

Looking for 8×10 prints or smaller? We don’t sell them through our sales process, but they are available to order within your image gallery. Think of this as a self-serve option 🙂 These prints are sent to and delivered by one of our partner labs. You are also welcome to download your images and print similar gift prints at the location of your choice.

We highly recommend printing anything larger than an 8×10 at a professional print lab (like us), so you can see the true beauty of the print.

Did you know that all prints are not the same? Professional printing processes are different than consumer printing. There are three substantial differences: paper quality, ink range, and brilliance of color. Trust us, the best way to display your images as pieces of art or heirlooms is through professional printing. Visit our large-scale prints page to read more about our high-quality prints. The difference is real and we can’t wait to show you!



Appletini Photography only sells products printed with art produced by Appletini Photography. We cannot print another artist’s work. Prices and product offerings are subject to change without notice.

*A full set of 4×6 images is included on portrait packages only. This excludes weddings, large events, and special session types.