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Heirloom Books | Appletini Photography

Do you just LOVE your images and want every single one of them?! Heirloom Books were meant for you. Beautifully bound, our heirloom books have all of the qualities of an album in a book. With the highest quality printing, you cannot go wrong with our heirloom books.

Just like a traditional album, our heirloom books lay flat. Pictured below, our largest book, the 11×14 (11×24 when opened) gives you a beautiful view of your images. Heirloom books combine coffee table binding with wrapped photographic prints. Unlike consumer printers that have thin, flimsy pages, the images in our books are true photographic prints, bound together in a way that creates the integrity of the book. Our book’s prints resemble the prints in a photographic album.

Heirloom Books | Appletini Photography
Why are photographic prints different, you ask? They are the highest quality print that can be made. Because your photographs are a family heirloom to be passed down for generations, we want the highest quality possible. Photographic prints use papers with special metals and high quality inks. This combination provides vibrant color that is true to life, not to mention its fadeless quality.

We are passionate about providing you with only the highest quality products. These books are an investment in your family history, and kept well, they will last for generations to come. Just imagine your kids’ kids looking back at these special memories.

If you are wondering just how many images we can showcase in our heirloom books, we get just about every image from a portrait session into the book, and we include the top 125 to 150 images from weddings.

Heirloom Books | Appletini Photography

The Design Process
Once your order is placed, we get right to work. It takes 7 to 10 business days to produce your design. Once finished, we pass the pages over to you for review. From there, you list any revisions you would like. (Revisions could include switching images or changing a color image to black and white, or vice versa.) Those revisions take three business days. After that, you will be given a final proof to approve. Once approved, we send your heirloom book into production.

Heirloom Books | Appletini Photography

Each book comes in two different aspect ratios, which gives you the choice to order a smaller version of your book without extra design work. Additionally, we are pleased to offer you a second version of the book with the exact same design at a discounted rate. This option is quite popular with wedding clients who like to order books for both sets of parents. Many family portrait clients also like to order sets for grandparents on both sides of the family.


Heirloom Book Pricing

Carefully designed and beautifully constructed, heirlooms books are meant to be kept for a lifetime and shared with your family throughout the generations. After your session, you will receive a full product and pricing catalog, but to give you an idea, heirloom books range in price from $400 to $600.

At your viewing session, we will have samples of our heirloom books (along with our other products) for you to look at. We are certain you will be nothing short of impressed with the design and quality. Our heirloom books are undoubtedly a client favorite.

Appletini Photography only sells products printed with art produced by Appletini Photography. We cannot print another artist’s work. Prices and product offerings are subject to change without notice.