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Between the freckles, those tiny toes and that perfect head of ringlets, you can’t seem to snap enough pictures of your cutie-pie, right?  Well, great news… if you hang here long enough, you can pick up some photography tips to help you capture all that sweetness in your photographs.

Here at Appletini Photography, we stress the importance of taking photographs of your child.  Notice I said “photographs”, NOT snapshots!  Yes, there IS a difference, but don’t worry Momma, we are here to show you the difference and help you strengthen your MOMography.

MOMography (n) – Photography by Moms.  Usually consisting of, but not limited to, images of adorable faces, toothless grins and piggy toes.

While snapshots are fine, believe me, we all take them… they just aren’t the best way to capture emotion in a picture.   That’s what makes a photograph powerful, memorable and just plain ole’ wonderful… emotion.  To get emotion, you’ll need photographs.   You don’t HAVE to have them photographed by a pro either (although we’d love to see you in our studio  😉 ).  YOU can take plenty of Ohh and Ahh worthy photographs of your kids.  YES!  YOU!!

Don’t think you can?  There are only two reasons you wouldn’t be able to beautifully capture your children in photos!  One, is if you don’t have a camera… and chances are you at least have an iPhone, Android or some other ‘smart technology’.  And two, because you just don’t know how… and that’s where WE come in!

Like I told you before, Appletini Photography is here to help.  We have written a few articles and will continue adding more to give you tips, tricks and helpful hints for photographing you gorgeous children!

You’ll be a professional MOMographer in no time!

P.S. – if your camera malfunctions due to cuteness-overload or you possibly overdose on adorable, Appletini Photography cannot be held responsible!  Thank you for understanding!

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